Atlassian Cloud Bug Fixing Policy


  • Atlassian Support will help with workarounds and bug reporting,
  • Non critical bugs will be scheduled according to a variety of considerations.

Raising a Bug Report

Atlassian Support is eager and happy to help verify bugs — we take pride in it! Please open a support request in our issue tracking system providing as much information as possible about how to replicate the problem you are experiencing. We will replicate the bug to verify, then lodge the report for you. We'll also try to construct workarounds if they're possible.

Customers and plugin developers are also welcome to open bug reports on our issue tracker directly. When raising a new bug, you should rate the priority of a bug according to our JIRA usage guidelines. Customers should watch the filed issue in order to receive e-mail notification when a "Fix Version" is scheduled for release.

How Atlassian Approaches Bug Fixing

The product components in Atlassian Cloud are updated to take advantage of bug and security fixes as soon as possible. However, sometimes it is not possible to update Atlassian Cloud for some time after a component Atlassian product has released an update or fix.

The developers responsible for bug fixing also monitor comments on existing bugs and new bugs submitted in, so you can provide feedback in this way. We give high priority consideration to security issues.

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