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Upgrading Confluence or Jira? You can instantly create a tailored upgrade plan using the pre-upgrade planning tool, located in your application's admin console.

We recommend a version to upgrade to, run pre-upgrade checks, and provide you with a custom upgrade guide with step-by-step instructions.


To access the upgrade planning tool, you'll need the Troubleshooting and Support tools app installed. This is bundled with your application, but you may need to update the app. Learn how to update apps.

Compatible applications and versions

The pre-upgrade planning tool is currently available in the following applications and versions:

ApplicationVersionTroubleshooting and Support tools version
Confluence Server

6.5.0 or later

1.17.1 or later

Confluence Data Center6.5.0 or later1.19.0 or later
Jira Server

7.4.3 or later

1.15.1 or later

Jira Data Center

7.4.3 or later

1.16.0 or later

Bitbucket Server7.9.0 or laterATST upgrade not available
Bitbucket Data Center7.9.0 or laterATST upgrade not available

Find the pre-upgrade planning tool

To access the tool, go to your application's admin console. You'll need to be logged in as an administrator to do this.

  • For Confluence: Choose  > General Configuration > Plan your upgrade
  • For Jira applications: Choose Administration ( ) > Applications > Plan your upgrade
  • For Bitbucket: Choose  > Administration > Plan your upgrade

Health checks

The pre-upgrade planning tool runs the health checks listed below, so you can identify and fix any issues before you upgrade. These checks are based on the supported platform requirements of the version you're upgrading to.

Health checkWhat does the check do?Jira Server and Data CenterConfluence Server
Supported databases

Ensures your instance is using a supported database vendor and version.

License expiry

Ensures your software maintenance or subscription is active.

Java version and vendor

Ensures you're using a supported version of the JDK/JRE.

Collation check

Ensures your database is using the correct collation. Only runs if you're using MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.



Confluence won't start with an incorrect collation

Files we check for modifications

As part of your upgrade plan, we check the following files in your current installation to see if they contain custom modifications. If any of these files have been modified, we prompt you to re-apply the change as part of the upgrade steps.

Confluence files

We check all files under <install-dir>/confluence

Jira files

We check all files located under:

  • <install-dir>/atlassian-jira
  • <install-dir>/bin/
  • <install-dir>/conf/server.xml

Proxy considerations

To make sure the pre-upgrade planning tool shows the latest version data, your application needs to be able to access the following URL:

If a connection can’t be established, for example if you’re using restrictive firewall or proxy server settings, the tool won’t be able to fetch any updates to version data, supported platforms or documentation.

In these cases, we recommend updating to the latest version of the Troubleshooting and Support tools plugin. This will ensure the content is current. You could also consider checking the relevant supported platforms page, or allowing access to the URL above. 

Last modified on Dec 22, 2020

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