About Ultimate Permission Manager

Ultimate Permission Manager is a must have tool for all Atlassian Confluence Space and Site Administrators. Telling who can access a given space or a page can be very complex. Global permissions, group memberships, page restrictions on parent pages should be all considered for the correct answer. This add on calculates the effective permissions for users and shows them in a central overview. Not only the final permissions for a single user or group can be checked but it also gives detailed information about the sources of a given permission. Ultimate Permission Manager explains thoroughly all pieces of Confluence's authorization system.

Managing Confluence permissions is often very complex because permissions are set in three levels:

  • globally (can use, user disabled)
  • space permissions
  • page restrictions

Moreover, permissions affects each other, like setting page restrictions requires add page permission. User can be members in different groups at the same time and it also makes hard to tell the final permissions of a user on a space or on a single page.

Ultimate Permission Manager allows you to easily manage user and group permissions centrally from a single page. Individual user and group permissions can be modified on multiple spaces at the same time. Permissions can be exported to CSV for further analysis in a legal or security audit.

Last modified on May 28, 2019

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