Make a repo private or public

As a repository administrator, you can set your Bitbucket Cloud repository as private or public.  A private repository is visible only to users who have permission to see it. A public repository is visible to everyone. 

You can set your Bitbucket repository, wiki, and issue tracker as private or public, independently of each other. For example, you can hide your code from the world by setting your repository as private, but let people see your documentation and issues by marking your wiki and issue tracker as public. Or you could set your repository and wiki as public but keep your issue tracker private.  You can change any of these settings from private to public, or public to private, at any time.

Configuring the Private/Public Settings

  1. Go to the Bitbucket repository's /download/attachments/304578655/settings.png?version=1&modificationDate=1349377968953&api=v2"/> settings.
  2. Tick the this is a private repository check box to make your repository private.
    Untick it to make the code base public.
  3. Click Save repository details.

Repository privacy, permissions, and more

Make the tracker private or public

Make a wiki private or public

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  1. User avatar


    I had some trouble cloning a public repository without write access: "Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"

    Apparently if you don't have access, SSH clone won't work, but HTTPS does work. I'm not sure where this info belongs, but I was looking for it here and under 'Repository privacy, permissions and more' thinking the problem might have been to do with repository permissions.

    07 May 2013
    1. User avatar


      You should be able to use either SSH or HTTPS with a public repository regardless of your access.  The error you received indicates a problem in your SSH configuration.  Please see Troubleshooting SSH Issues to get some tips on what this might be.

      10 May 2013
  2. User avatar


    Where you make a repo private is it 100% private were nobody except the people you allow in it. Also when you make a repo private can search engines see it or not?


    10 May 2013
    1. User avatar



      10 May 2013
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