Bitbucket Server 6.6 release notes

27 August 2019

In Bitbucket Server 6.6 we've added new features that lighten the load for admins and streamline the developer workflow.

What's new

For a list of resolved issues, check out the change log.

Self-protect with rate limiting

Rate limiting administration area

Without protections in place, automated integrations and scripts can hammer your Bitbucket Data Center instance with huge bursts of requests, leading to drops in performance and downtime. This creates unnecessary work for admins who get paged (often after hours) to fix issues, and then have to comb through logs to find the culprit so it doesn’t happen again.

Rate limiting changes all this by giving your Bitbucket Data Center instance the power to self-protect. Admins can now control how many HTTP requests (e.g. REST API requests) automations and scripts can make, and how often they can make them, meaning increased performance and team productivity (and hopefully for admins, more sleep too).

Rate limiting is available for all Bitbucket Data Center customers. See how to get started.

Suggest changes directly in pull requests

Applying a pull request suggestion

Commenting on a pull request isn’t an unfamiliar task. Having that comment quickly become the actual code change that you suggest is something new we think you’ll appreciate for this release of Bitbucket Server. Save time from the back-and-forth by providing feedback to make a suggested change directly in a pull request. Head over here to see how.

Link projects between Bitbucket Server and other Atlassian Applications

Project Links help to save time and prevent mistakes. For example, with Project Links set up between Bitbucket Server and Jira, when you create a Bitbucket branch from Jira, repos from the linked Bitbucket project are prioritized in the repo list, making it easy to pick the right one. What's more, these links also work the other way, and when you create a Jira issue from a comment in Bitbucket the linked Jira project is pre-selected in the project list.

Check out Configuring Project Links across Applications to learn more about connecting your projects, spaces, and repositories.

What else is new?

Smart Mirrors with Bitbucket Cloud support

From version 6.6 onwards, Bitbucket Data Center must be used as the primary server for Smart Mirrors. To continue to use Bitbucket Cloud with Smart Mirrors, you’ll have to use version 6.5 or below. For details on setup and usage, see Smart mirroring for Bitbucket Cloud.

Interested in upgrading?

Before upgrading from an earlier version, check out our upgrade guide and upgrade matrix. Remember to renew your active software maintenance too. 

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