Database and IP information


All cloud applications run on the open source PostgreSQL database.

Domain name

Your site is assigned a domain name of https://<site_name>, where domain_name is the name you provided at sign-up. The domain name must be at least six characters long and only letters, numbers, and hyphens (-) are allowed. The use of custom domain names isn't supported and your domain name can't be changed once your site has been provisioned. 

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Note that sites created prior to 7-November-2011 may still have a domain name of https://<site_name>

IP Address range

 Please note that this range may change from time to time.

Atlassian Cloud instances don't have fixed individual IP addresses. The platform uses a range of IP addresses, and a reverse proxy redirects users to the correct instance. The current IP address ranges used by Atlassian Cloud sites are:,,,,,,,,

Atlassian Cloud uses Amazon's CloudFront CDN. The IP address ranges used by CloudFront edge servers can be found here

Remote APIs

Atlassian Cloud sites support the remote APIs listed below. Your site's remote APIs are identical to the remote APIs shipped with the server version of these products.

If you are having problems using these remote APIs, please raise a support request at under the Cloud project.


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