Enable self sign up

If you enable self sign up and we've upgraded all users on your site to Atlassian accounts:

  • Users that already have an Atlassian account will immediately be able to log in to your site from the Join site button.
  • Users that don't have an Atlassian account will have to create one first before logging in to your site.

Self sign up, also known as public signup, allows your site visitors to immediately create their own user accounts. You might want this if you're running a public-facing site where only signed-in users are allowed to comment, for example.

If self sign up isn't enabled, only administrators can create new user accounts.

As with user accounts created by administrators, new user accounts created via self sign up are granted with the default application access.

To enable self sign up:

  1. Go to 
     >  User management
     > Sign up options
  2. Check Turn on self sign up

You can choose to allow anyone to sign up (no restrictions) or restrict users to specific domains. CAPTCHA is enabled by default when you turn on self sign up.

You can also choose whether administrators should receive an email when a new account is created.

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