Can I create a Clover Report on Server A if I have the clover.db which I generated on Server B?

Yes you can if you use the command line options. You need to copy over your coverage.db and all the coverage.db* files that were generated as well as copying over the clover.jar and license that you used.

However if you do not have the source files on your Server A, that you did have on your Server B you are going to get a number of the following errors

ERROR: C:/Applications/Confluence_STD/Source Code/confluence-2.9-source/confluence-project/confluence/src/test/java/com/atlassian/integrationtest/confluence/core/ (No such file or directory)

The report you generate will have all the coverage statistics but when you try and drill down to the class, you will get a error stating it cannot find the source file.

If you do have the source on Server A you can specify it using the -p option from Console reporter.

Last modified on Sep 9, 2008

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