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Use the Share button when viewing a page or blog post to email anyone a link to that page or blog post. You can either grab the short URL from the share dialog, or enter a Confluence user, group or email address. 

To share a page or blog post by email:

  1. Go to the page or blog post you wish to share.
  2. Choose Share.

  3. Enter a username, group or email address, and select the appropriate user, group or email address from the list of suggestions.
    Repeat this process to add multiple recipients to the list (or use the trash icons to remove people from the list).
  4. Enter an optional message.
  5. Choose Share to send the link via email. 

In addition to an email, Confluence users will also receive a notification in their Confluence workbox. See Workbox Notifications.

You can also share pages from inside the editor. Hit the  button in the editor to invite people to edit the page with you. 

  • The option to add people is only available if your site has a mail server configured.  

  • Sharing or inviting someone to edit a page or blog post does not automatically grant any permissions - they will still need the appropriate Confluence permissions to access Confluence and view or edit the page. 

Last modified on Jan 31, 2022

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