Navigating to Space Tools

Go to the space and choose Space tools from the bottom of the sidebar.

  1. Space tools menu - showing items available to a space administrator. 

If you have Space Admin permissions, you can:

  • Change the space name and details
  • Reorder pages in the space
  • Delete the space
  • Change permissions for the space
  • Configure the sidebar layout
  • Access look and feel options, such as the space colour scheme, or to add a space header or footer
  • Access content tools, including the trash and export options
  • Configure Marketplace apps and integrations in this space.  

If you're not a space admin, you can:

  • View information about the space
  • Reorder pages. 

You may not see the Space Tools menu if you're using a third party Confluence theme (or the Documentation theme in Confluence 5.10 or earlier).  Refer to the documentation for your theme for information on how to access the space administration options. 

Last modified on May 25, 2023

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