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When Crucible is linked to Jira Software, you can advance the workflow for a Jira Software issue directly from within Crucible.

You can transition a Jira Software issue in two ways:

Transitioning any Jira Software issue at any time

You can easily transition a Jira Software issue at any time from within Crucible. Click on a Jira Software issue link anywhere in Crucible to see a dialog with the available workflow steps:

Click on a step in the dialog, and complete any displayed fields as required. If there are custom required fields that are unsupported by Crucible, just click Edit this field in Jira to transition the issue directly in Jira Software.

Transitioning a linked Jira Software issue when closing the review

When closing a Crucible review you may also want to close a Jira Software issue that is linked to that review

In the Review Summary screen, click Close near the top right. In the 'Closed' dialog, the available workflow transitions for the linked Jira Software issue appear in the Transition issue dropdown:

Choose a step from the dropdown, and click Close.

  • Only the transitions accessible by the user are displayed.
  • The list of available transitions only appears if the user has visibility to any available workflow transitions.
  • Crucible administrators can turn off Jira Software issue transitioning by disabling the Crucible Issue Transitioning Plugin. See Managing add-ons.

(info) This feature does not support editing fields on the issue, only setting the resolution field if required by the transition.

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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