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This page explains how to add a Crucible gadget to a Jira Software dashboard. The process is similar for adding a gadget to a Confluence page.

As of 24 July 2017 the Crucible Gadget integrations described here are no longer available for Jira Cloud applications.

See this article for more information.


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Overview of Crucible gadgets

As of the release of Crucible 2.3, you can display Crucible data in other Atlassian applications, such as Jira Software and Confluence, by using Crucible gadgets.

Crucible bundles the following gadgets by default:

Hassle Review Blockers

This gadget shows you who you are still waiting on; in other words, which reviewers haven't completed your reviews.

The URL for this gadget is:


Where HOSTNAME:8060 is the hostname of your Crucible instance.


Overdue Reviews

This gadget shows you reviews that are yet to be completed in the project, across all authors. This is useful for managers or team leads.

The URL for this gadget is:


Where HOSTNAME:8060 is the hostname of your Crucible instance.


Review Inbox

This gadget is a list of Crucible to-do items including reviews to do, comments to read or reviews to summarize.

The URL for this gadget is:


Where HOSTNAME:8060 is the hostname of your Crucible instance.

Review Coverage

This gadget shows content from the innovative Review Coverage report, letting you investigate how much of your codebase has been under code review.

The URL for this gadget is as follows:


Where HOSTNAME:8060 is the hostname of your Crucible instance.



How to configure

1. Add an application link from Crucible to Jira Software

Go to the admin area in Crucible and set up an application link to Jira Software.

When completing the wizard, leave the Also create a link checkbox selected, and choose the These servers fully trust each other option.

2. Add the Crucible gadget to Jira Software's Gadget Directory

As a Jira Software administrator you allow the use of these gadgets by adding them to the Gadget Directory. You'll need the URL listed in the table above for each gadget that you want to add.

See the Jira Software documentation for details on this process.

3. Add the Crucible gadget to a Jira Software dashboard

As a Jira Software user, you can add gadgets to a Jira Software dashboard that you have created.

Once added, the gadget will appear on your Jira Software dashboard and display information drawn from Crucible and Fisheye.

You can also add Crucible gadgets to the Confluence dashboard. See the General Gadgets Documentation for more information.

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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