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This page contains information related to troubleshooting Confluence attachments.


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Page: 'Connection timed out' Error During Attachment Download Page: Confluence Page Attachments Fail to Load with a File.IO Error Page: Attachments Missing After Moving a Family of Pages (Confluence 3.0) Page: Can't Add Attachments with Long File Names Using Windows Page: Error Removing Attachments if Attachments Folder Is a Symbolic Link Page: Improper Column Headers in Attachment List Page: Recovering Database Attachments Page: Unable to Upload an attachment due to 'RuntimeException Multiple AttachmentData objects were returned when only one was expected' Page: Some attachments or links are no longer accessible after server migration Page: Unable to Download Attachments after Direct File System Manipulation Page: Unable to Add Attachments to a Page Page: 'Request Entity Too Large' error when uploading an attachment due to Ngix Proxy Server Page: Attachment upload failed with 'Communications link failure during commit()' error Page: Attachment Remove or Edit Link Does Not Exist Despite Having Permission Page: Unable to Add a Label to an Attachment Page: Adding a Label to an Attachment Returns an Error Page: Unable to add a comment to an attachment with 'required security token was not present' error Page: File conversion service causes out of memory errors in Confluence 5.7 or above Page: Pages with Attachments Do Not Display Page: Unable To Move Attachments To Another Page In Another Space (You cannot move the attachment to a page that does not exist. Pages to which you are moving attachments must first be created in the selected space) Page: Migrating attachments from database to file system fails with transaction log full exception Page: Unable to download attachment with specific extension Page: Alternate to FTP Files Onto a Confluence Page Page: Attachments Drag and Drop Does Not Work with IIS Page: Attachments with German Umlauts are Not Displayed When Using the Powerpoint Macro Page: Cannot Delete Attachments with Special Characters in the Name Page: Cannot Download or View a PDF Document Using IE8 Page: Document Contents Are Not Searchable Page: Error When Opening MS Office Documents Downloaded With Google Chrome Page: How to Determine the Number of Attachments in My Confluence Instance Page: How To Manually Change Attachment Data Storage Location Page: How To View the Attachment Editing History Page: Images Preview Are Broken in Pages or Attachments List Generates a System Error For All or Some Users Page: Index Out of Bounds Exception When Uploading a Word Document Page: NullPointerException in DefaultAttachmentManager When Moving an Attachment Due to Attachment Checkout Plugin Page: NullPointerException on calculateLastModifiedDate Due to Null Value in Attachments Table Page: Pages can not be copied or images not loaded on a page Page: System Error When Accessing the Attachment Page Page: Unable to Create Page from a Template That Uses the Attachments Macro Page: Unable to Delete Attachments from Confluence Page: Unable to Remove Attachment Because of Special Characters Page: Unable to Retrieve Attachment or Insert Into a Page Page: Upload attachment function does not work in editing mode Page: When pasting an image into the editor, the image is not attached correctly