Documentation for Crowd 2.9. Documentation for earlier versions of Crowd is available too.

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Crowd 2.9

User's Guide

The Crowd User Guide is for project managers, developers, testers – anyone who uses Crowd. New to Crowd? Start with the introduction to Crowd. Try logging in, then explore your user profile, see the groups you belong to and the applications you can access. You can also use Crowd to change your password across all your applications.

Administrator's Guide

The Crowd Administration Guide is for people with Crowd administration rights. It will help you configure your email server and set up applications, directories, users and groups. Learn about integrating Crowd with JIRA, Confluence and other applications. Administrative tasks such as backup are also covered. You may also find the Knowledge Base, FAQ and community answers useful.

Installation Guide

The Crowd Installation Guide is for people who are installing Crowd for the first time. Check the supported platforms, then download and install Crowd. Where to next? Crowd 101 will help you get started. If you are using other Atlassian products, take a look at the Integration Guide.

Upgrade Guide

The Crowd Upgrade Guide is for people who are upgrading their instance of Crowd to a newer version. Start by reading the latest release notes and version-specific upgrade notes for the version to which you are upgrading, then download Crowd and follow the main Upgrade Guide.

Developer Resources

These resources are for software developers who want to create their own plugins or extensions for Crowd. Take a look at the developer documentation and the API documentation. You may also like to see answers from the community.

CrowdID User's Guide

Using CrowdID? Read the CrowdID User Guide to learn about managing your OpenID logins.

CrowdID Administrator's Guide

The CrowdID Administration Guide shows you how to allow users to access CrowdID, black list or white list external sites and configure your CrowdID server.


  1. Hello, Paul Watson [Atlassian]


    I've been watching this Crowd space for monitoring the documents update.

    And I've got over 1000 notification email today because of you.

    My email account was blocked almost 6 hour and I've also spent a lot of time on deleting all of them.


    I don't know what you did today but please don't make this happen again.


    With Regards,


    1. Hi Luke.

      We're making some edits at the moment to prepare for a new release. Some of them are bulk edits, and those are going to result in notifications for anyone who's watching the whole CROWD space (I got them too). Apologies for the inconvenience, but it's quite possible this will happen again, unfortunately. You might want to set up a filter so those emails go into a separate folder, or (perhaps temporarily?) disable your notifications for the whole space.

      1. Hi Jeseph,


        Thansk for your reply.

        But there's difficulties. Email filtering is already applied in my account but problem is that bulk email notification block the mail account because the server regards it as spam attack.


        Temproal disabling space watch is also difficult to recoginize when to happen in advance.


        I understand that the Confluence already has the function not to notify when editing pages.

        So, I think you can use this function when bulk editing.

        If the function does not support for bulk editing, I think you guys can add this function when bulk edit.


        I hope you can understand this situation.


        With Regards,

    2. Apologies for the inconvenience Luke. As Joseph has explained, bulk updates are not something we do frequently, or regularly, as you will have noticed. Nevertheless, bulk edits are sometimes the best approach. I'll investigate blocking of notifications for this process.