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The success of your Pilot or POC relies heavily on your organizations main driver(s) to migrate away from ClearQuest. This Cookbook is organized around a set of key product trial goals and will offer guidance and demonstrable benefits around each.

Improve Productivity And Collaboration

Most enterprise Issue Tracking Systems boast of their ability to offer an increase in productivity for teams that leverage their solution. However, if you dig a little deeper, if you push aside the marketing layer, you will see that these companies value features that help them upsell their customer, rather than investing in features that will add immediate value back towards the productivity of an organization. Acceleration of product development is at the top of almost any organizations goals, but the reality of today is that we are required to produce more with less. One way to achieve this is by leveraging tools that place productivity above features that sell. Atlassian understands this and increasing productivity is one of the pillars of our product roadmap. With Jira and our other tools, we are constantly looking for ways to save each user of our products 15 minutes per day.

Ahead of every major release, our Product Owners, Architects, and Engineers ask themselves how they can introduce additional features which boost productivity. Many of Jira's productive features are focused around core usage patterns within the tool such as the ability to quickly find and filter Issues or the amount of time it takes to take action or perform operations against a record within the system. For example, Jira provides users with the ability to use keyboard shortcuts for all major operations Another example is inherent features that target a reduction in time associated with ""media breaks"" or operations that would require an end user to switch between tools in order to save information in files (such as screen shots).

Features that facilitate communication and collaboration between end-users are limited within ClearQuest. Therefore, one major goal of migrating from ClearQuest to Jira might be to improve productivity and collaboration between the members of projects across teams, departments, and desperate geographical locations.

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Adopt Agile Methods

Ten years later and adoption of Agile methods within the Enterprise is still on a steady rise. It's safe to say that any myths associated with Agile have been safely debunked! Steady adoption has created the need for new tools that support the intersections of methodology and process. One common goal repeated around the world, but especially within the International Community, is the necessity to track Agile and Project Management data in a centralized, electronic and shared fashion. Many traditional issue trackers, such as ClearQuest, were not designed nor do they provide the flexibility in configuration to support Agile. Therefore, if Adoption of Agile Methodology is a core focus of your Pilot / POC, you can leverage Atlassian's Jira Agile for Jira. Jira Agile adds Agile Project Management to existing Jira Projects. Using Jira Agile, you will be able to quickly demonstrate the ease of managing and tracking your product backlog, sprints, and tasks. For lean operational teams, you can demonstrate how Jira and Jira Agile support Kanban.

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Complete Your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Process

IBM ClearCase and ClearQuest provide tools for Software and Quality Assurance teams, but that's where their lifecycle starts and stops. The reality is that most organizations have many more stake holders than these two groups such as Product Owners, Managers, Architects, Operations, Finance and yes, even your customers. If completing your ALM process is a core goal within your organization, then demonstrate within your Pilot / POC how Jira integrates with both upstream (such as Wikis, Mockup tools, Teamrooms, CRM systems but also the Issue Collector and Jira Mobile Connectors) and downstream (source code control, continuous integration, peer reviews, etc) with other Atlassian and Non-Atlassian products and sub-systems.

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Easier Extensibility

There's no hiding the fact that ClearQuest is a difficult product to extend. The primary User Interface is still windows-based and in order to customize or extend the product, you need to author a Perl or Visual Basic extension. In today's IT market, it's becoming harder to find talent that are willing / able to customize and extend services within ClearQuest. ClearQuest does have alternative clients such as their web-client and Eclipse integration. However, the features have not been standardized between the interfaces, and limitations exist between each. If extensibility is a core goal for your organization, you can show within the pilot how easy it is to configure and customize Jira with its web based architecture, well documented REST-based APIs, sophisticated built-in custom fields configuration capabilities and an integrated Add-on Exchange which makes buying and installing further Atlassian or 3rd Party extensions as simple as a single ""click"" within the administrative console.

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Decrease Costs

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) often becomes the primary driver in migrating to an alternative Issue Tracking Solution. If your organization is basing their decisions upon TCO, then you can highlight that Jira and Atlassian's other products are priced at a small fraction of the license and on-going maintenance costs of ClearQuest. Atlassian's tools have a much smaller footprint than ClearQuest and therefore your organization can realize TCO decreases in all areas of: hardware, software licensing, maintenance and administrative costs. With this trial goal, demonstrate to your stakeholders the business case which clearly shows the tremendous cost savings your organization can achieve year one and beyond.

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Last modified on Feb 8, 2018

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