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Atlassian offers two main channels of delivery for its products. On the one hand, software applications can be downloaded an configured locally behind the firewall ('Server'). On the other, Atlassian offers products as a service on a hosted environment ('Cloud'). Both environments offer their own benefits and downsides as the platform choice for the pilot instance:





  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Instant setup
  • Subscription pricing: month-to-month
  • Bundled add-ons and remote integrations
  • Distributed collaboration
  • Download Benefits

  • Secure behind your firewall
  • Extreme customization
  • Perpetual license: one-time purchase
  • Add-ons available from Atlassian Add-on Exchange
  • Complete application control

Recommended pilot instance for

  • Improve Productivity and Collaboration
  • Adopt Agile Methods

  • Bring all into ALM process
  • Easier Extensibility


Setting up an account is as easy as any other Software As A Service (SAAS) account and integration in between the hosted applications comes out of the box. This allows for a very quick pilot setup with no worries about software and hardware requirements. Also, you are not dependent on your IT department to set up a virtual or physical machine. That way, the majority of the work can be invested into populating customizing the instance.

On the other hand, it comes with a number of restrictions that might be critical to your pilot depending on what the trial goals are. For example, the instances are English only and layout themes are not supported which disables you to implement your corporate visual identity. Also, your Cloud site has limited extensibility to other Atlassian products and a shorter list of supported Add-ons.

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The Server version on the other hand offers full flexibility, extreme customizability and extensibility without limits. Additionally, the placement behind the corporate firewall allows you to better integrate with other corporate systems such as your LDAP while at the same, being inside the protected network of your organization.

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Last modified on May 25, 2020

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