FishEye 2.6 Release Notes

6 June 2011

With great pleasure, Atlassian presents FishEye 2.6 featuring the new repository commit graph, user management via JIRA and a host of DVCS improvements.

Highlights of this Release:

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Highlights of FishEye 2.6


Repository Commit Graph

FishEye 2.6 introduces a powerful visualization tool to help you understand your repositories better – the commit graph. The commit graph shows changesets in their respective branches, using configurable "swimlanes". At a glance, you will be able to see key information such as branching and merging. If you are using Git or Mercurial, you will also be able to see anonymous branches.

Commit graph highlights provide further context, allowing you to highlight changesets in the same branch, commits with JIRA issues, and reviewed/unreviewed changesets. Clicking a changeset with the appropriate highlight active (selected in the 'Highlight' dropdown) shows you related changesets, such as changesets with the same lineage, the same JIRA issue or same Crucible review.



User Management via JIRA

You can now use the same set of users in FishEye and JIRA, and manage your users and groups in JIRA. The FishEye setup wizard gives you the opportunity to configure a JIRA connection quickly and automatically, using the most common options. You can further configure the JIRA connections via the FishEye administration screens.



Improved Quick Search

You'll be able to find information faster using FishEye's improved Quick Search. The Quick Search now pattern matches against CamelCase strings for files and directories, just like many popular IDEs. The search itself provides quicker and more accurate results. The search results are also easier to work with – the new user interface has a cleaner look and feel and features links to default/trunk for files, pop-up summaries for JIRA issues in commit messages and more.



Redesigned HTML Emails

A 20% time project has resulted in email notifications getting a dramatic facelift. Gone are the dreary old HTML emails, replaced by much better-looking ones. You'll see the new emails in action for changeset notifications.


Dashboard and Navigation Improvements

The Dashboard and Header have been tweaked to simplify the user interface in this release. You won't have to click different tabs to find the activity stream, as it will always be displayed. We've moved the other functions to the header to remove the clutter and provide you with a more streamlined view.



Improved Support for Git Branches

We've improved the support for Git branches in FishEye. Previously, if FishEye detected a commit on a branch (other than the 'master' branch), it would be considered as part of that branch only, even if the branch was later merged back to the 'master' branch. In this release, FishEye will correctly consider the ancestry of a changeset. For example, if a branch 'fisheye-2.6' is merged back to the 'master' branch, then all changesets that were seen as part of the 'fisheye-2.6' branch will also be considered to be part of the 'master'.

The activity stream for a branch will now show all commits that contribute to (i.e. are in the ancestry of) the head of the branch. You can also see the improved Git branch support on the new commit graph and on the view changeset screen.


Git Commit Authors include Email Address

FishEye now includes the user email address for Git commit authors, in the same style as command line tools. The committer will be automatically mapped to the FishEye user with the same email address. This means that you won't have to set up explicit user mappings where the email address is the same.

Please note, if you are using FishEye with a starter license, this improvement may cause you to exceed the user limit for your license. See the FishEye 2.6 Upgrade Guide before upgrading for details.


Mercurial Indexing Improvements

We have changed the way that we index Mercurial. Indexing times for merge commits should be almost twice as fast. Commits with many file changes (especially binary file changes) will be even faster. The absolute change in indexing speed will vary depending on the content of your repository. As a reference, the indexing time for our repository of 24,000 commits improved from 18 hours to 6.5 hours.


And Even More Improvements

Visit our issue tracker to see the full list of improvements and bug fixes in FishEye and Crucible for this release.

Release Notices

  • Upgrading from a previous version of FishEye. Upgrading FishEye should be fairly straightforward. We strongly recommend that you back up FishEye before upgrading. Please refer to the FishEye 2.6 Upgrade Guide for further essential information about your upgrade.
  • Known Issues. Please check the important technical advisories on the front page of the Knowledge Base for information about any known issues for this release.
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