FishEye 4.2 release notes

28 September 2016

With FishEye 4.2 repository management got even easier! FishEye now allows repositories to be renamed. We improved Bitbucket Server integration, fixed a number of bugs and made other improvements.

If you're updating an earlier version of FishEye, please read the FishEye upgrade guide and the End of Support Announcements for Fisheye. The FishEye 4.2 changelog is below.


Repository renaming

Over the time projects and libraries tend to be split, merged or simply moved or renamed because their purpose changes. Same happens to repositories - it's natural that some may get renamed over time. In FishEye it is now possible to rename a repository, so that it can reflect its current name in the remote SCM. The rename operation is instantaneous and doesn't require any further actions (such as reindexing).

Improved Bitbucket Server integrations

Since Flexible Repository Management was introduced in FishEye 4.1, we wanted to unlock full administration opportunities for repository-level administrators. With FishEye 4.2, the Bitbucket Server repositories tab in administration settings is now available to repository-level administrators, so they can easily add Bitbucket Server repositories to FishEye with just a few clicks.

For every Bitbucket Server repository added to FishEye, the Bitbucket Server repositories tab shows all the corresponding FishEye repositories that the user has admin permission to view.

Change log

This section will contain information about the FishEye 4.2 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active FishEye software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of FishEye, please refer to the FishEye upgrade guide.

The issues listed below are just the highlights of all those that have been resolved for the FishEye 4.2.x releases.

9 November 2016 - FishEye 4.2.1

T Key Summary

28 September 2016 - FishEye 4.2.0

T Key Summary

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