Fixing Issues With Jira Resolutions

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When a Resolution is incorrectly set, we can see the following:

  • Newly Created or Reopened Issues will show as strikethrough ( example: KEY-1234 ) on:
    • the Activity Stream
    • when Linked to Other Issues or Confluence Pages
    • Agile boards do not show "resolved" issues
  • On Service Management related projects, the Customer Survey may be sent inadvertently when the Customer initially creates their request
    • Or may not send if the Resolution Field is not set
  • "Done" Issues are not removed from Scrum or Kanban Boards when Sprints are Completed or Versions are Released 
  • In Portfolio, "Done" issues without a Resolution do not show on the Plan
  • Some Jira reports are not working or returned zero or empty report.

We've been able to identify 4 states a Jira Issue can be in:

  1. Resolved 

    1. This would be the Correct State for issues that are considered "Resolved"; ie Done, Completed, Resolved, Closed, etc
  2. Unresolved

    1. This would be the Correct State for issues that are considered being "Worked On"; ie In Progress, To Do, Open, etc

  3. Should be Resolved (ie Closed status with Unresolved resolution) - Click here if your Jira issues need a resolution

    1. This can occur when a POST Function or Screen does not occur on the Resolve Issue Transition

      1. Resolution is set on a Transition
        1. A POST Function is added to the "Resolve Issue" transition so that the Resolution is set automatically to a specified value
      2. Allow a User to Choose a Resolution
        1. A Screen on the "Resolve Issue" transition contains the Resolution Field which will allow the user to select the appropriate value
  4. Should be Unresolved (ie New Issue or Issue Reopened) - Click here if your JIRA Issues Do Not Need A Resolution

    1. This can occur when an Issue is Reopened or with misconfigured Screens

      1. Resolution Field is added to All Screens
        1. this also brings in the event where a Custom "Unresolved" Resolution is added - This is NOT needed as Jira treats an Empty Resolution Field as Unresolved - this Custom "Unresolved" is value for the Resolution field and will be treated by Jira as Resolved.
        2. Potentially a newly created issue will have a Resolution upon creation
      2. Custom created "Reopen" Transition that does not have a POST Function to clear the Resolution
        1. Resolution is only clearable via POST Function
        2. Customer may have added the Resolution field to a "Reopen" screen with a Custom "Unresolved" Resolution

Last modified on Jul 21, 2023

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