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This documentation refers to ProForma for Jira Data Center only. Are you looking for more information about the cloud products? Check out forms documentation for Jira Service Management cloud

Welcome to ProForma

ProForma allows you to quickly create user-friendly forms within Jira issues or requests. Using forms on Jira issues allows you to include all of the fields you need, without custom fields or complex configurations. Organize fields in a way works your team, control what information is visible to whom, and include as many forms per issue/request as needed. All form data is stored securely in your Jira instance.

How does it work?

Fully integrated within Jira, Project Admins can build forms that include all of the fields they need. ProForma forms are embedded in the issue, and can be published to the Jira Service Management customer portal.  

For business and software projects, users can add forms to existing issues, or create issues directly from forms, thereby ensuring that all the needed information is included from the start.

What are the key features of ProForma?

Features include:

  • Multiple question types for collecting structured data

  • Ability to include instructions, hints and examples on any field

  • Confluence-style editing with page layouts, tables, rich text formatting and insert panels

  • Field level validation

  • Conditional logic to dynamically show or hide form fields

  • Linked Jira fields for searching, reporting, triggering automation or organizing queues

  • Form automation to automatically add forms to issues on transition, automatically transition issues when a form is submitted or prevent an issue from being transitioned if a form(s) is missing

  • Data connections to populate choice lists with data from external sources

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What are the key benefits of using ProForma?

Key benefits of using ProForma include:

  • Faster service - Reduce wait times on Jira Service Management requests by allowing service teams to get teams get exactly the data information they need. Include multiple forms on a single request and allow customers to edit and update requests to ensure important information isn’t buried in a comment chain.

  • Better data - Collect complete, structured data on Jira issues and requests. Enjoy a cleaner, more organized appearance on issue with large field listings, without complex screen schemes. Create issues directly from forms to ensure every issue is created with perfect data.

  • Fewer custom Fields - ProForma significantly reduces the need for custom fields without sacrificing structured data. 

  • Increased adoption – The familiarity of forms helps spread Jira adoption.

  • Improved compliance - Use validation to build business rules (spending limits, date parameters, required choices) into the forms. Set forms to lock on submission so responses can't be changed. Autogenerate and attach PDFs of any form and use automation rules to ensure that forms are attached and submitted before an issue can advance to the next status.

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Last modified on Jun 20, 2024

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