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Duplicate Forms

Duplicate forms may appear if both ProForma and ProForma Lite are installed. To resolve this error, uninstall ProForma Lite. Form templates created with ProForma Lite will continue to be available.

Jira History Tab and Audit Tracking

Changes to ProForma form fields are not recorded in the issue history tab. Likewise, if a ProForma form makes a status change to a Jira issue using a Form automation rule, there will also be limited information regarding that in the issue history.

Improving ProForma’s history and audit tracking will be addressed in future development. In the meantime, it’s possible to integrate with the issue history tab by using linked Jira fields on the form for the specific data whose changes you would like to track. Data in linked Jira fields is available for Jira reports, JQL queries and the history tab.

Unable to Add Forms to Issue in Jira Software Board View

In Jira Server, ProForma forms are not visible or accessible when viewing an issue on a Board (where an issue is selected and viewed in a panel to the right of the board). The workaround is to go to the full screen view of the issue (for example, using the URL http://<JIRA-SERVER-URL>/browse/<ISSUE-KEY>). This will allow ProForma forms to be viewed and edited as normal.

Last modified on Sep 5, 2022

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