Troubleshooting permissions

Create Form Templates

Anyone with Administer Project permissions can create, edit or delete form templates in their respective projects. This lessens the burden on Jira administrators and puts responsibility for data collection in the hands of the team that uses the data.

Create Issue with Issue Forms

If the Issue Forms feature has been enabled, users will be able to create issues directly from ProForma forms assuming that the user has Create Issues permissions in the project. If they only have permission to view or edit issues, they will be unable to create an issue from a form and will likely receive a HTTP 403 error.

If you want “Any logged in user” to be able to create issues, be sure your permissions are set accordingly.

Project Permission Errors

ProForma needs to read and write data in the Jira projects that it is enabled on. ProForma can do this automatically in a standard installation of Jira, but if you or your administrator have restricted permissions in Jira then ProForma may not work.

If you see this message when viewing an issue, then it means ProForma is unable to read issue data on the project:

You have two options for dealing with this: either restore permissions to ProForma, or disable ProForma on that project.

Restore Permissions

To get ProForma working, make sure that the normal permissions that Jira assigns to add-ons have been applied to ProForma. This includes:

  • The ProForma user addon_com.thinktilt.proforma.add-on is a member of the project role atlassian-addons-project-access

  • The project role atlassian-addons-project-access has all permissions on the project

  • If you are using ProForma Lite, ensure that the permissions have been applied for the ProForma user addon_com.thinktilt.proforma.lite.add-on 

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Permissions Helper
You can also identify missing permissions by using the Permission Helper, located on the Permissions tab in Project Settings.

Disable ProForma on a Project

If you do not want to use ProForma on a particular project, you can eliminate the error by disabling ProForma on that project. 

Permission Summary



Permission Required

Reopen Locked Form

Project Administrator

Project Administrator

Create Issues from Forms

Normal User

Create Issues permission 

Build, edit or delete form templates, and edit form settings

Project Administrator

Project Administrator 

Note: even a Jira Administrator needs Project Administrator permissions to edit forms on a project

Delete forms from issues

Normal User

Any user with Edit Issues project permissions. 

Install, disable or uninstall ProForma

Jira Administrator

Jira Administrator

Configure ProForma

Jira Administrator

Jira Administrator

Add, edit and delete Data Connections

Jira Administrator

Jira Administrator

Configuration Manager for Jira integration

Jira Administrator

Jira Administrator

Add form to issue

Normal User

Any user with Edit Issues project permissions 

Submit Jira Service Management portal request with form

Jira Service Management Customer

Any user with access to the JSM portal and request type

Last modified on Jun 18, 2024

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