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Through the use of the Stash Look and Feel Plugin you can customise the appearance of Stash, such as altering the colour scheme and add a custom logo. Currently though it is not possible to alter the favicon through the use of this plugin - so the default Stash logo is still displayed in the URL bar or on the page tab.  


You can manually alter the favicon for Stash by swapping out the favicon.ico file with your own file.


  1. Shutdown Stash
  2. Locate the default file at {{<stash_installation_directory/atlassian-stash/static/images}}.
  3. Remove/rename the default favicon file
  4. Add in your own favicon.ico file - ensuring it has the name favicon.ico
  5. Restart Stash

If the favicon hasn't changed then clear the browser's cache or restart the browser for the change to take affect.

Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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