How to download a repository using Archive for Stash plugin API using command line

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Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the Archive Plugin from Marketplace
  2. You can use curl to download the file:
curl -v -J -O -u admin:admin "http://localhost:7990/plugins/servlet/archive/projects/TES/repos/repotest3?at=production&format=tar.gz&filename=mytest.tar.gz" 
  • Where http://localhost:7990 is your instance's Base URL


According to Curl changelog this functionality was added in the "7.20.0 - February 9 2010" release.

added -J/--remote-header-name for using server-provided filename with -O

Hence, if you want to use that option please update the curl version for your OS.

Or use the alternative below if you are unable to upgrade your curl:

curl -v -u admin:admin "http://localhost:7990/plugins/servlet/archive/projects/TES/repos/repotest3?at=production&format=tar.gz" -o mytest.tar.gz
  • Specifying the parameter filename=mytest.tar.gz is useless as the header Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="mytest.tar.gz" will be ignored by curl


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Last modified on Mar 7, 2014

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