Create a Support Request

The Troubleshooting and Support Tools app allows you to create a support request with Atlassian Support without leaving your application. You can also choose to attach diagnostic and logging information with your request.

Before you begin

  • To create a support request, you need to have a mail server configured in your application.

  • To access the Troubleshooting and Support Tools app, you must have the System administrator global permission.
  • If your Atlassian product is using an older version of the Troubleshooting and Support Tools app, the names of the tabs and fields may be slightly different, but the process is the same.

Creating a support request

To create a support request:

  1. Open Troubleshooting and Support Tools in your Atlassian application. Learn how to access Troubleshooting and Support Tools
  2. Go to the Get Help tab and select Contact technical support or report a bug.
  3. Provide the following information to our support team:
    • Contact email this defaults to the email address of the logged-in user. It will be used to find your support account or, if no account is found, to create a new account. We'll send all further notifications and updates about your issue to this address.
    • Summary a short summary of your problem.
    • Description tell us, in detail, about the problem. 
    • Severity give us an indication of how many users are affected by the problem.
    • Attach support zip this will create a zip file of your logs and configuration files. Sharing these files with our support team can really speed up troubleshooting your issue, so we recommend including them in your zip, if possible. Learn more about creating a support zip
  4. Send your request.

Last modified on Jul 7, 2023

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