Finding Your Support Entitlement Number

The Support Entitlement Number (SEN) is a required field when creating a support issue at This page explains various ways in which you can find your SEN number.


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If you have access to your application

Option 1: Create a ticket via the Support Tools Plugin

If you use the Support Tools Plugin (STP), you will not need to provide the SEN when creating a ticket. The number would be added to the support ticket automatically.

Finding the STP in different products as a System Administrator user:

  JIRA Applications

 Inside JIRA go to Administration Console > System tab > Support Tools Plugin

  Other Atlassian products

 Inside the application go to Administration Console > Support Tools Plugin

This option is not available for Atlassian Crowd and HipChat Server.

Option 2: Find the SEN through your installation's license details screen (for Server installations only)

See the following the product-specific instructions for exact steps on how to view your license details screen:

Option 3: Find the SEN in the product's log files (for Server installations only)

Find your product SEN in the product log file. Select your product to view the specific path to the log file:



File path:


If you are running JIRA as a Windows Service:


Search for:

 supportEntitlementNumber = SEN

File path:


If you are running Confluence as a Windows Service:


Search for:

 supportEntitlementNumber = SEN

File path:


Search for:

[LogLicenseDetailsServerStartedListener] Bamboo license SEN:

If you can access your My Atlassian account

 Option 1: Find the SEN from (for both Cloud users and Server installations) 

 Your Support Entitlement Number is available in your Atlassian account. To retrieve it:

  1. Log in to your My Atlassian account as the account holder or the technical contact.
  2. On the Licenses page, locate the license for which you need support.

SEN numbers are located in the first column or immediately after the product name. You can click on the product name to expand it and reveal more details, which include the SEN number.


Option 2: Find the SEN on a paid invoice

The SEN for each paid license is located on the second page of your paid invoices. Paid invoices can be found in the Orders page of your My Atlassian account. Alternatively, if you are the primary Technical or Billing contact, you would have received a payment confirmation email with a link to download a copy of the invoice.

To locate the invoice from your My Atlassian account:

  1. Log in to your My Atlassian account
  2. In the top menu, click the Orders.

  3. Once on the Orders page, select the Paid Orders tab and search for your invoice. 
  4. Download the PDF of the invoice and see the second page for your SEN.

I can't find it on my own

Option 1: Contact our Customer Advocate team

Our customer advocate team specializes in billing, licensing, and account management requests. If you are unable to locate your SEN on your own, you can contact them by filling a brief form on the Contact Us page. They will require a few pieces on information to validate your access to the SEN. Contact them using your company email address. If you're using a public email provider like Gmail or Yahoo and are not currently a contact on the license, they will require additional information before they can provide the an SEN number.

Option 2: Call our Customer Advocate team

If you need urgent assistance, you can call your local Atlassian office using the phone numbers on the Contact Us page. For security, you may be required to complete an email verification step before we can provide you with the SEN.

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