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Keep track of team leave, rosters, birthdays, launches—you name it!—right in Confluence.

Team Calendars is now part of Confluence Data Center

If you use Confluence Server and already have a license for this app, you can continue to renew your app license. If you don’t already have a license you’ll need to migrate to Confluence cloud or Data Center to use this app.

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See the essential steps to getting started with Team Calendars for Confluence.

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What’s new in 6.0 

Get the low-down on the latest and greatest updates to Team Calendars.

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Last modified on Apr 11, 2021

Team Calendars Quick Tour

Essential steps to help you get started organizing team and personal time.

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Create, Add, and Edit Calendars

Create and add calendars in any space, and manage existing calendars.

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Restrict a Calendar

Protect sensitive event info, and restrict viewing and/or editing of calendars.

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Add Events

Quickly add events and sort them using event types for easier viewing.

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Add Jira Events

Start visualizing versions, issues, and sprint dates by connecting to JIRA.

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Event Types

Get to know the standard set of event types you can use to classify events.

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Custom Event Types

Track any kind of event by creating custom event types to suit your team.

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Set up email reminders to make sure your team doesn't miss important events.

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Embed Calendars on Confluence Pages

Show a calendar on any page, to let page viewers track and manage events.

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Watch a Calendar

Stay up-to-date by getting email notifications of changes in a calendar.

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Share Calendars

Share calendars with your team to make sure they don't miss important events.

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Subscribe to Team Calendars from Third-Party Calendars

View Team Calendars info in Google Calendar, Outlook, iOS, and macOS calendars.

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Subscribe to Third-Party Calendars from Team Calendars

View info from Google, Outlook, Apple, Opsgenie, PagerDuty, and Teamup calendars in Team Calendars. 

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Export Team Calendars Content to Other Calendars

Take your calendar info and open it in any app that supports .ics files.

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Delete or Remove a Calendar

Get a calendar out of sight but keep it for other users or delete it for good.

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Install Team Calendars

Make sure the Team Calendars add-on is installed and ready for your team.

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Team Calendars FAQ

Get answers to those burning Team Calendars for Confluence questions.

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Recognized System Properties

See Java system properties supported by Team Calendars for config and debugging.

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Team Calendars Release Notes

Get the low-down on the latest and greatest updates to Team Calendars.

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