Team Calendars Release Notes

Latest Release: Team Calendars 5.3.11

Welcome to Team Calendars 5.3.11. This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Confluence Cloud only

This version of Team Calendars is currently only available for Confluence Cloud. We'll make it available for Confluence Server shortly.

Read the full release notes.

Latest feature release: Team Calendars 5.3

On this page:

We're pleased to announce the arrival of Team Calendars 5.3. In this release we're making it even easier to discover and use Team Calendars, by moving calendars into spaces.

Read the full release notes.


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  • Team Calendars 5.3.11 removes support for use with Confluence 5.5.x and below

    If you're using Confluence 5.5 (or older), and don't plan to upgrade, you shouldn't upgrade to Team Calendars 5.3.11 or higher.
  • Team Calendars 5.2 removes support for use with Confluence 5.2

    Team Calendars 5.2 is supported for use with Confluence 5.3 and higher
    If you're using Confluence 5.2 and don't plan to upgrade, you shouldn't upgrade to Team Calendars 5.2 or higher.

Compatibility Chart

Confluence and Team Calendars Compatibility

Team Calendars version Confluence version
4.0 – 4.1 4.2.x – 5.4
4.2 – 5.1.19 5.2.x – current
5.2 – 5.3.10 5.3.x – current
5.3.11 – Current 5.6.x – current

Team Calendars JIRA integration

To use the Team Calendars JIRA integration, you'll need the JIRA iCalendar plugin that's bundled with JIRA.

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