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General FAQ

 How do I set up Team Calendars?
 What version of Confluence do I need to run Team Calendars?

Team Calendars is compatible with Confluence 3.5.x and later versions, but there may be some features that require a specific version of Confluence. Check the Team Calendars Compatibility Chart for more info.

 Why are you charging for this plugin?

There are a few reasons:

  • We feel we can solve a lot of specific problems with the combination of events, people, projects (JIRA) and content. Atlassian sees this plugin working alongside your personal meeting or events calendar.
  • Not every customer needs a team calendaring solution. Hence, by not bundling Team Calendars with Confluence, it doesn't increase the cost of Confluence for those customers who aren't going to use it.
  • The old plugin was not maintained or supported. In contrast, Team Calendars is maintained and supported moving forward.
 What's happening with the old Confluence calendar plugin?

The old calendar plugin was never officially supported and as such carries no support from Atlassian. It is currently available as an open-sourced component, available on for use with legacy versions of Confluence (3.4 and earlier). The old calendar plugin does not work with Confluence 3.5.x or later versions. There are currently no plans to continue development on the old calendar plugin. If you are currently using the old plugin, there is a manual migration path to Team Calendars available by importing your iCal files.

 Where can I give you feedback?

To give the Team Calendars team feedback, raise an issue in the TEAMCAL project on

 Can I integrate Team Calendars with our company's Google Apps Calendar?
 Why is my Calendar only working in read only mode?

This usually indicates that something is wrong with your license. Check that it is properly installed by checking 'Confluence Admin> 'Team Calendars License'. Also, log in to and check the status of your license.

 Is Team Calendars available for Confluence Data Center?

Yes. Note that a separate Team Calendars license is required for each Node of Confluence. Learn more about Data Center licensing

Features FAQ

 Can I map out custom issue date fields from JIRA?

Yes you can! This is now possible and was released as part of Team Calendars 2. See Add JIRA Events to find out more.

 Does Team Calendars work on my iPhone?

Although this is not officially supported, it does work on the iPhone. All you have to do is select "subscribe" from a specific calendar menu and login using your Confluence details. iOS should automatically attempt to add the calendar to your iPhone. More instructions here: Subscribe to Team Calendars from Apple iOS Calendar.

 Can I add more than one person to an event for my people calendar?

Yes you can. Just add multiple names in the people field.

 Is Team Calendars available in my local language?

As of Team Calendars 1.1, the plugin is available in English and the bundled Confluence languages (French and German). We hope to have this plugin also available on for other language support. You can stay updated on this issue and provide feedback on this issue.

 Can I change the date/time format (E.g. mm/dd or dd/mm)?

The date format is dependent on your language settings and automatically adjusts accordingly - this is a Confluence user and global setting. An admin can set the site default language (see Choosing a Default Language) and you can also set your preference (see Edit Your User Settings).

 Can I change the starting day of the week?

The Team Calendars follows per user language preferences to decide which day is at the start of the week. For example, if you want to make the start of the week to Sunday (US Calendar), you would need to install the US Language pack and edit your Confluence user preferences to choose US English. To do this, click User name > Settings > Edit > Language and then choose US English
(info) The Confluence default is to Automatically detect browser settings.

 Can I subscribe to Google Public Calendar from Team Calendars?

Currently, it's not possible to subscribe to Google Public Calendar from Team Calendars. This is a known issue with Google Calendar; it appears that Google Calendar Public .ics file doesn't contain the data/event that can be read by Team Calendars to display events. Only Google Private Calendar can be subscribed from Team Calendars for now.


  1. Anonymous

    I do not understand how Atlassian can say they did not support the current Calendar plugin when the vendor lists Atlassian on the plugin page (  Given Confluence is to be a Collaboration Tool, I would think it would be advantageous for Atlassian to offer a delivered Calendar functionality.  The current Calendar has no real bells & whistles, however for simple works.  Then if you want more you get Team Calendar which should provide true calendar functionality.

    That put aside, I've just downloaded the eval and I have to agree with the other posted comments: the functionality does not seem to justify the cost.

    1. I do not see the option to invite one or more people to an event. 

    2. I think the ability to send a meeting invitation and track responses should be part of the plug in.

    3. The calendar entry did not come up in my Search request

    Am I missing something?

    Basically, I would like to create a Calendar where I could track all our interviews.  I need to send invite to Interviewers and Interested 3rd party.



    1. Hi Stephanie,
      There are many plugins on our Atlassian Plugin Exchange that have "Atlassian" listed as the plugin vendor and are not formally supported. We indicate this by writing "Unsupported" on the plugin page.

      Regarding of the features requests you have raised - we plan on doing them. That is one of the reasons why we are asking users to purchase this plugin. We already have a significant roadmap and backlog of feature requests that customers are asking for. Here are some that are relevant to your queries: TEAMCAL-86, TEAMCAL-168 and TEAMCAL-104. You might want to watch, comment or vote on these issues to stay updated.

      1. Hi Sherif,

        I understand that you already have a backlog and new features for this plugin. I would like to raise a concern about the way Atlassian is managing this product though.

        It seems that the price tag for this product is extremely high at its current state. I would consider that the amount of missing features, bugs and issues found, make of Team Calendar a "free", "Beta", or "RC" product. This is not ready for production and Atlassian should not be charging the huge amount that it's trying to get from a product that offers very basic Calendar functionality.

        I totally agree with Stephanie. Atlassian should offer support for the basic calendar plugin and if users consider all the functionality provided by Team Calendar be valuable, then pay a reasonable amount for it.

        This move shows a very cocky and greedy attitude from Atlassian where companies are forced to purchase a product that lacks the quality existing in all the other Atlassian products.

  2. After scanning the threads so far, I don't think I see *exactly* what we'd love: the ability to export a specific *event* to Outlook. Specifically, we'd love to have all the people on our team enter their out of office days in a Confluence people calendar. An individual would then do a one-click export to their personal Outlook calendar for their own OOO days. (The current functionality would export the OOO dates for *everyone* on our team to an iCal, which doesn't solve our problem of having to enter OOO information in multiple apps/locations.)

    Is there a ticket/consideration for this already? Thanks for the info!

    1. Hey Kim,
      Can I confirm my understanding is right? You want to subscribe to a people calendar from Outlook, but only want to show entries for a specific person? If that's the case, as of 1.2.x, we don't have that functionality. Can I ask why is this important for the person if they already know that they are out of the office? Wouldn't they want to see where their colleagues are? (Just trying to better understand the problem).

      1. Hi, Sherif:

        The issue is that the rest of our organization uses MS Outlook to schedule meetings and see when people are OOO. So our team would have to enter their OOO time in a Confluence people calendar, then go to their MS Outlook calendar and enter the same information. With the ability to one-click export a single entry to Outlook, it becomes much easier to share that information. The people calendar would be our team's way of tracking the team's OOO in an easy-to-use view, but MS Outlook is still required by the larger organization.

        Hope that makes sense,


  3. We want to use "Team Calendars" but at the moment we are at Confluence 3.4.5. What are the suggestions how to handle that because only 3.5.x is supported? Thanks

    1. Hi Michael, sorry to say that is not possible. Team Calendars only supports 3.5.x and above. This is because it leverages off some infrastructure work that was available in Confluence 3.5.0. We won't be supporting Team Calendars for any earlier versions of Confluence.

  4. Anonymous

    I'm new to Confluence. . . can you elaborate on your comment "Team Calendars inherits your global permissions"?

    My questions specifically are:

    1. How do you control who can view/edit the calendar and specific calendar entries?
    2. Are there documentation on the security of Team Calendar that I can review?


    1. can you elaborate on your comment "Team Calendars inherits your global permissions"?

      You can get more details about Confluence Global Permissions here.

      How do you control who can view/edit the calendar and specific calendar entries?

      As of Team Calendars 1.2.x, there is no way to do this other than through your global permissions. We have a feature request that we are currently working on: TEAMCAL-102 to implement this. We are actively working on this and hope to get it out soon to customers. You can watch that ticket to stay updated.

  5. Can I set up reminders for an event calendar? Ideally sent via email to any subscribers of a specific calendar. We have users who don't keep Confluence open all day for reference.

    1. You can't do this at the moment. That would be a new feature request. I'm not sure if we would do event reminders (we are thinking about it). Another solution we have been discussing is the ability to send someone a Calendar invite in their email client so they get reminded by their email client. It seems that the problem people want solved is to be reminded of an event they have accepted or are interested in. Most of the time, they already receive reminders from their email client (e.g. Outlook etc...) Do you think that would work for you?

      1. Possibly. We've only just stood it up and let people start using it, so they may change their minds (we get so much email already). It's definitely lower on our list of priorities than being able to export a single event to Outlook, for instance :)

      2. Just adding my 2-cents, we are using the team calendars for multiple groups o support production changes, ooo calendars and staffing calendars for daily/weekend change support. Right now, we have over 50 calendars, my users are looking to subscribe to a calendar and get a daily,weekly or monthly email with all the events listed for that calendar. For example, we have a production support calendar showing 50 staff and what days they are on call, etc. We want this email weekly to all the people so they can see the list of days/people.

        I also agree with the notification, I want to get a reminder I have something on the calendar for a specific date, like outlook 24 hour notice, 18, 12, 6, 1 hour, 15 minute if it's to the time.



        1. I would also add the use case where you have long standing team calendar and a new member joins the team. Currently in Outlook etc. you have to forward all the individual meetings to that user to accept, ideally using Team Calendars you could subscribe to a calendar and begin to receive notifications from that point onwards. I notice there is already an issue raised for this TEAMCAL-186, guess I should vote there.

      3. Anonymous

        Hi All,

        This is also my number one enhancement request for team calender which we are currently testing with a 10person licence. It should be possible to have events in team calenders that get sent to outlook as invitations (So they can be accepted and edited as individual users want but centrally updated)

        It should be possible for such invites to be activated on an event entry (So I can create a new event with multiple users that then all get an outlook invite).

        It should also be possible for a user to register themselves for an invite on a particular event; (So I create an event as above but don't activate invites. User X is a member of this event and can log on and on the event request an invite.)

        In both above cases, event updates must generate invite updates that will be handled by Outlook

        For us this would make the internet calender option currently available completely redundant (not very useful now anyway as we can't have reminders)

  6. Anonymous

    Is there a way to add custom input fields for events?  For example, I want my users to specify a specific meeting type or provide custom information as part of the event details. 

    1. We don't have this functionality. There is an issue for it: TEAMCAL-523 - but it isn't in our current roadmap. Would be interested to hear what it is you are actually trying to do.

    1. Can I filter by 'Where'  when I insert a calendar into a page?
    2. Can I remove a calendar which I created?
      1. No you can't. That would be a new feature request. Why do you want to do this?
      2. Yes you should be able to. (Select the drop-down form the calendar menu in the "My Calendars" screen). Team Calendars 1.3 and lower does not have edit restrictions. Team Calendars 1.4 will have this, so once you get 1.4 you will need to be sure you have the right access.
      1. Thanks for your reply.

        It will be useful if I response many projects. 

        I want to manage my project schedule in one calendar and  put specific project calendar in  appropriate page.

        1. You could create two calendars. Embed one calendar on a page, and subscribe to it from your Calendar view (accessible from username > Calendar) and just subscribe to the other calendar as well form your view. That way you have both calendars in one location for yourself.

  7. Anonymous

    How do I create a calendar (vacation) and allow multiple people to maintain?

    1. You might want to see Team Calendars Quick Tour. All you need to do is create a people calendar and then send it to the rest of your team to contribute to. You can send a calendar to others using the "share" option from the calendar drop-down.

  8. Anonymous

    Can I change the language globally so that each user does not have to change it individually, so that the calendar week begins on Sunday?

    1. Anonymous

      Anyone figure out how to do this yet?  Currently every user is having to change their language preference themselves.  I would like to change it globally and have it update all of the existing users.

  9. Hi guys!

    I am using Confluence 4 with Refinedwiki. As I want to customize my dashboard and want to show some calenders there I only can do this when knowing the calender ID. Is there an easiert way to identify the calender ID except looking up the subscription URL?



    1. There is no other way of getting this other than the method you mentioned.

  10. Oops. I was updating dozens of events and I think I accidentally clicked Delete, and now I'm not sure what I deleted. Apparently I don't get calendar updates on my own actions. Is there any way for me to see modification history?

    When swimming through lots of events changing lots of things an accidental delete is quite a problem since re-auditing everything to figure out what's missing is time consuming.


    1. Sorry, Jay. There is no way to see calendar history. If a calendar is completely deleted, watchers are sent a backup of the whole calendar just in case. In your case watchers are only sent individual event notifications.

      1. I am a watcher, but I didn't get emails. I assume this is because it doesn't email the person making changes, it emails all other watchers (if any). If that was configurable my problem would be solved without requiring the addition of a full history mechanism. 

  11. I just installed the US English language pack but my calendars still start the week on Monday and not Sunday.  The language pack is version 4.1.1 and TeamCalendars version 1.7.0

    1. Anonymous

      You have to change each user's language settings in their profile. 

      1. Thanks, people are happier now here

  12. We just started working with Confluence and Team Calendars.  As we start to set these tools up I noticed that we have an issue with date/time format.  Currently the Calendars appear to be set up in military time and DD/MM. 

    Confluence itself is setup as MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm

    Is there a way to change date/time format for Calendars? 

    1. The date format is dependent on the users language settings and automatically adjusts accordingly. An admin can set the site default language (see Choosing a Default Language) and a user can also set their preference (see Edit Your User Settings).

      1. This is a bad solution for anyone whose primary language is not supported. Most of us will probably select English as our language so we can understand the interface, but the standard for date and time formats in my country is not the same as in English.

        Please make Team Calendars respect the global date/time format setting, or make it a user setting independent from language.

  13. Hello Chaps!

    When using the calendar macro to import and combine four different team calendars into one page, the distinctive colors of each of the calendar's entries changed and I'd like to know why, and how or if it can be fixed.

    1. We have that feature request raised here: you may want to watch/vote on it to stay updated.

  14. Anonymous

    It seems unnecessarily complicated to change the format of the calendar so that it starts on Sunday. We are not accustomed to seeing calendars start on Monday and it is highly confusing.

    The options under individual user language are: Automatically detect browser setting, Deutsch (Deutschland), English (United Kingdom), and français (France). None of these options corresponds to a week that starts on Sunday.

    As well, it should not be necessary to modify language settings in order to change the first day of the week, as a language preference does not necessarily correspond to a calendar display preference. It is an incorrect assumption to think that a 1:1 correspondence exists between language preference and calendar display preference.

    This is just bad design, as in finding the most complicated solution to a simple problem. Is there any way to adjust the calendar simply so that it starts on Sunday, without hunting for obscure language settings that don't affect the display anyway? Thanks.

    1. Please see the FAQ above. Start day is based on your language setting. Here is how to change it:

      Can I change the starting day of the week?

      The Team Calendars follows per user language preferences to decide which day is at the start of the week. For example, if you want to make the start of the week to Sunday (US Calendar), you would need to install the US Language pack and edit your Confluence user preferences to choose US English. To do this, click User name > Settings > Edit > Language and then choose US English.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks Sherif for your reply. I went to the link you provided but am stuck at this step:

        "In the 'Administration' section of Confluence, click the 'Plugins' link."

        Where is the Administration section of Confluence? I've looked under Dashboard, Settings, etc. and no Administration section or Plugins link to be found. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough but I can't find it. (smile)

        Additionally the preferred language here is UK English, not US English, as there are spelling variations between the two languages (color/colour, etc.) so it should be possible to set the start day independently of the language. The decision that start day is based on your language setting doesn't make much sense to us, as start day is not an element of language. Changing the language to adjust the start day could therefore have other unintended consequences. Is there any setting or workaround to adjust only the start day? Thanks.

        1. Go to Browse > Administration Console. You can learn more about administrating Confluence here: Confluence Administrator's Guide

      2. Can we please get a default on the admin side to force this, I keep having to explain to people to change the start date, it's the biggest complaint/question I get with our recent rollout.

      3. I've installed the US Language pack, set the default global language to US English but the Start Day is still Monday when auto-detection is on. The request my browser sends to confluence includes:

        Accept-Language: en-us,en;q=0.5

        It still hows Monday as the start day. If I select US as my language in my user settings it changes the start date as documented (Sunday first). All the users should not have to specify their language settings to set the start date of their calendars. There should be a global and user setting for this.



  15. Hey everyone,

    Please note that Team Calendars for Atlassian OnDemand only supports english at this time. Thus, you cannot change the starting day of a week.

    We have a feature request to allow for multiple languages here. I do not know if including this feature would allow changes to the starting day of a week, but it is a good place to start.

  16. We are testing team calendars prior to purchasing and have upgraded to v2.0. There is some debate about the format of the \{calendar\} macro in earlier versions and functionality that has been 'lost' (or was only imagined was there!).

    1) The \{calendar\} macro does not display a list of included calendars to the right hand side.
    2) It no longer has the choice of view - list - month - year.
    3) The help states that the 'month' view is the default - this is not the case, the list view is the default.
    The functionality of the personal calendar is great, where a user can include a number of calendars into a single view and then turn them off so that they can only see the ones that they are specifically interested in at a given time.
    Having this functionality in the \{calendar\} macro would be a great enhancement. We have branches that may wish to publish a dozen different calendars on a public page, but a specific user may only be interested in viewing the contents of 4 of them. If the user can select the calendars to view, without disabling the functionality for any other user, this is what is required.

  17. Is there any way to make a calendar viewable by all, but only select people can add events?  I have not seen any permissions setup available any where, but Team Calendars is a brand new tool for us.

    1. Yes, just select "restrictions" from the calendar drop-down menu and apply edit restrictions to only those who want access. 

  18. Anonymous


    is it necessary to have a login in order to insert someone's vacation into the calendar? for example we have three users, Peter, Max and Jane and only Peter and Jane have a login. Is it possible for Peter to insert Max'es vacation into the calendar so that this inserted vacation does not appear to Jane as Peter's vacation?

    thanks for the help

    1. You can add other users to a people calendar but a user needs to exist in the system in order to add them to a people calendar.

    2. BTW - here's a related JIRA issue you can monitor for progress  TEAMCAL-666 - Reference a person in the people/who field by email Open

  19. that was me

    How i can create a new calendar ID ,because it showing Invalid calendar IDs.

    Error(s) occurred.

    • Invalid calendar IDs specified: vacation


    1. Ragesh, sorry about the confusion here. You will need to go to your My Calendars screen first and create a calendar before you can embed it. To do this go to your username menu > "My Calendars" or from the Confluence Dashboard click on "My calendars" and create a new calendar first. 

      We are working on making this experience better to allow you to create Calendars right from the editor. 

  20. While adding new calender it showing 'Error' on top left corner.

    Error(s) occurred.

    • error
    • error

    following entries have updated on log file.Is there any relation between those?

    2012-06-13 03:45:21,713 ERROR [QuartzScheduler_Worker-5] [artemissoftware.confluence.sendemailtopage.EMailCheck] connectToServer java.lang.Exception: Connecting to mail store failed: Connect failed EMailCheck:connectToServer()

    2012-06-13 03:45:21,713 ERROR [QuartzScheduler_Worker-5] [artemissoftware.confluence.sendemailtopage.SendEMailToPageJob] doExecute java.lang.Exception: Connecting to mail store failed: Connect failed EMailCheck:connectToServer()

    please revert me back ASAP.


    1. Sounds like something funny is going on in your environment. The best way to get some assistance for this is by raising a support ticket at and one of our engineers will be able to help you out.

  21. 2 questions that have been previously asked and not answered.

    1. Is there a way to universally change the language settings so that each user does not have to change their individual settings or doesn't have to log in to view a calendar that starts on Sunday.
      1. If not, will there be anything coming in the near future?
    2. Is there any other way, other than changing the language, to change the calendar to start on Sunday?
      1. If not, will there be anything coming in the near future?

    These seem to be recurring questions and requests.  It would be very helpful to be able to change it for everyone rather than have to go around to everyone's computer and change the settings for them.


      1. There is an open Confluence feature request for this:  CONF-16057 - Allow Confluence timezone to be set as a global preference Open , although it hasn't had much demand for it  - so I'm not sure when/if that would get implemented. Some alternatives for you:
        1. Change your server timezone. The default timezone is read from the system date. 
        2. We've also got the option to set the timezone system property setting for your JVM. Although I'm advised that your best option is (a).
      2. I'm starting to think we should make this a configurable setting in our admin screen. The hard thing is dealing with all the complexities with - if only the admin can do it, or if individual users can override it etc.. 
        1. I've raised an issue for you to track this:  TEAMCAL-741 - Ability for admins to override the start day of the week Resolved
        1. Not sure what you mean there hasn't been much demand for it.  I've seen multiple people posting trying to do this so they don't have to go to every person they have to try and individually switch the settings.  Also, with the individual having it switched to "English (United States)," the calendar still starts on Monday if the user isn't signed in.  Also, I've checked the timezone and it is correct.  I'm not sure why that would have a bearing on the language.
        2. Having an alternative way to set the start date would be the most beneficial way, in my opinion.  It's fine to allow a user to override the admin's setting if they prefer, but the default should be set to use the admin's settings.  I will keep an eye on this task.


        1. Anonymous

          I am not under any circumstances going to install another language and tell users to change their language to change the start day of a calendar. If this becomes a serious enough problem the team calendars plugin will just have to go. It is ridiculous to need to change a language to set a week start day. This should be a simple flag in the system admin settings and user's profile. System admin settings to set the site default and user's profile for overriding per user preference. The current setting of Monday as start day is seriously annoying.

  22. Is there yearly view also available with JIRA Team Calendar to see the information about the releases on a high level?


    1. We have a open feature request for this:  TEAMCAL-429 - Year View Open . You might want to watch, comment or vote on the issue to stay up to date. 

  23. Anonymous

    Hi, it is possible to switch the time format (not the zone) to the 24-h-system?


  24. It is unfortunate that Atlassian took this route with the calendar feature in Confluence. Due to its very high price my company decided not to buy it and now we need to go through hundreds of pages to remove any calendar usage and start using outlook shared calendars. I love Atlassian products but I just hope that they take the required actions to fix this business mistake very soon.

  25. Ask for the calendar function can be

    The company used Team Calendars for corporate planning activities, but we lack some features. I will try to our requirements very simply described:

    1. be connected calendars to information about holidays in the country / google has such a feature),
    2. macro that creates a calendar for a specific record in the day and the time period from any page. thus created calendar item displayed on the page as well as in a particular calendar
    3. macro asking whether it is in the chosen calendar and timeframe planned activity or off.
  26. Anonymous

    Hey guys I was wondering if there is a way to set a "company" team calendar as a default calendar for all new/existing users in confluence so that they all have a subscription to the main calendar ad it shows up on each users individual dashboard?

    1. Anonymous

      Basically I as previously stated in my above post, is there a way to set a default calendar to a user group so that it automatically detects that calendar as subscribed.

    2. Hi there,

      At the moment you can't do this. I'm interested to hear what kinds of things would go in this calendar? We have a similar feature request for this:  TEAMCAL-124 - Ability to force subscribe users to calendars Open  but maybe we need to consider solving it in a different problem. 

      Could you tell me more about what you are trying to do?

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you Sherif that is exactly what I was looking for. Being able to force users to subscribe to a company calendar. What we are trying to accomplish is a default set calendar that all new users and existing users see. We are using the team calendar plugin for the company as an entire whole. That way everyone sees exactly what is going on with the company. Anything from holidays/vacations to annual meetings are a point of interest in the calendar we would force users to subscribe to.


      2. Anonymous

        Also, would there be a way I can embed a team calendar as into the dashboard of all users? Or is this something that will not be implemented in the future? I have the plugin for refined wiki original theme and was wondering if there is a way I can embed the calendar into the dashboard instead of having each user subscribe to the team calendar individually.

        1. We have an open feature request for this:  TEAMCAL-124 - Ability to force subscribe users to calendars Open

          You might want to watch/vote or comment to show your interest.

  27. Anonymous


    I want back to Time format in Team Calendars. Why Time Format is strongly depend on User language? I like to see Confluence and Team Calendars in english language, but i prefer to see time in HH:mm format. Confluence is setup to this format, but Team Calendars ignore it. Could it be more flexible?

  28. Greetings,

    We are using the old (free) calendar plugin in Confluence version 2.10.3.  We are migrating this month to version 4.3 and will use Team Calendars for Confluence.  What happens to the calendar from the old version?  How can I migrate to the new version of Confluence without losing data from our old calendar.



  29. We are trying to switch our calendar's start day of the week from Monday to Sunday. I know that to do this we need to install the US English language pack and have the user's default language be US English. I have confirmed the former is set correctly but am unable to figure out how to install the language pack because there isn't an option to browse for the .jar file. If we have a hosted, on demand version, how can we install this language pack? Thanks!

    1. Sorry about the hassles, David. You are right, we can make this better. I've got  TEAMCAL-741 - Ability for admins to override the start day of the week Resolved  on our roadmap, we don't have a date for it yet, but we'll get it done in the next few months. You might want to watch/comment/vote to stay updated with the issue. 

      1. Thanks for the response Sherif, much appreciated. Can you clarify then if this is a bug and there is no way for us to change the calendar's start date with a hosted on-demand version of jira, or is there a workaround?

        1. Sorry, David. I am not aware of any workaround for OnDemand customers. 

          1. That's unfortunate. I've Voted and am Watching the other ticket you suggested in the hopes of getting the functionality added to the calendar soon. Thanks for your help.

  30. I'm testing team calendars currently and stumbled over 2 issues that make me hesitate buying it:

    1. When I embed a calendar macro on a page, it seems as if I don't get the option to choose the view (week/month/list) and to toggle on/off the display of the individual calendars from my view. I get these features only on the "My Calendars" page. It seems from earlier comments that others have seen the same - is this the expected behaviour? Definitely not he behaviour that I wished for...
    2. When trying to export a page with an embedded calendar to PDF (either via the Confluence internal plugin or Scroll PDF) I do not get the calendar rendered in the PDF. Is this also expected behaviour?
    1. Joe, thanks for the feedback.

      1. Good question, actually we didn't include this. However, the content creator (you) can choose what view you want to appear in the macro. What's your use case? Why do you want end-users to be able to change the view of the calendar? Hasn't the content creator already chosen the best view for the events? 
      2. We have a feature request for this which covers exporting:  TEAMCAL-175 - Manager would like to print team calendar so he/she to take it to a meeting Resolved . We do want to get that implemented at some stage.


    I have the calendar plugin installled on my wiki and it is working perfect. My calendar contains the oncall names with the corresponding team name. So I am just curious to know is it possible to use Confluence XML-RPC and SOAP  API to read the calendar on my script ( i know it is uing javascript).. ( My requrement is if we type the team name i need to get the corresponding oncall name)

    Any help will be appreciated.



    1. We don't have an API to retrieve calendar events - we have a feature request open for this: TEAMCAL-774 - Provide an API to list calendar events Open . You might want to watch/comment/vote on the issue to stay updated. 

      In saying so, you could write a little script to use the Team Calendars private URL (Subscribing to Team Calendars from Google Calendar) and parse the ical file to get the details - although that is a bit hacky. 

  32. Anonymous

    I have JIRA Studio and Team Calendars however I cannot find how to embed a team calendar in the JIRA Dashboard which is our landing page for JIRA studio - any help?

    1. That is a new feature request we have open:  TEAMCAL-350 - Add Team Calendar Gadget to JIRA, with filter capability Open

  33. Hi!

    Is there a way for me (as a Admin) to find out who added a Event Calendar?





    1. We have a open feature request for that:  TEAMCAL-728 - Ability to see who created a calendar event Open

      1. Not the issue. You cannot see who created the CALENDAR itself...much less the event.

        A confluence/JIRA admin calso cannot change permissions on the calendar. So, you don't know who's it is, and you can't change the permissions. That's the issue with Team Calendar permissions.

        you should get an "owned by" on hover, and you should be able to edit the permissions set by the user if you are an admin.

  34. Hi,

    I know there is a way to import a calendar from outlook but is there anyway to import future events from outlook? or do I have to create a new calendar every time I want to import something from out look?

    Since CalDav is still not supported I am looking for ways so that people do not have to double their time by creating something in outlook and creating it again in confluence. We use Webex and it is a pain to have to go through and keep copying and pasting and working with the date and time interface.



  35. we notice that calendars set up by others may not give everyone permissions.

    This is expected. However, we cannot tell who OWNS the calendar to ASK THEM to change the permissions so we can drop items on their calendar.

    Any ideas how to tell who owns it? Also, why cannot a global admin on the system not simply change permissions on any team calendar? Wouldn't that be an "administrative" function?



  36. Anonymous

    That link is broken

    "we would love to hear your feedback on how this will be helpful for you here: TEAMCAL-86"

    I've love to find the TEAMCAL-86 page. 

  37. Anonymous

    Why is there no 'Cancel' button when editing a calendar event? "Close" appears to be the same thing, except Close could mean 'Save and Close' or 'Discard changes and Close'. 

  38. Anonymous

    Suggest adding information to the FAQ on how to filter calendar view by event category. 

  39. Anonymous

    Suggest adding to the FAQ how a user can subscribe to a calendar that they can see on a wiki page.

    (click a Subscribe button at the bottom of the calendar?)

  40. Anonymous

    Add a FAQ about how to unsubscribe from being spammed by a calendar which has been added to a space you are watching

  41. Anonymous

    How do you unwatch a calendar you are not subscribed to?

  42. Anonymous

    How to create a hyperlink to a single calendar Event?
    To hyperlink to a blog is ///display/spacekey/2011/02/15/My+Blog+Title]]
    It should be possible to hyperlink to a calendar event in the same way. Perhaps



    [I can not figure out how to get that line to be put directly after the word Perhaps. That is very weird behavior. At least it is not as bad as not being able to format the line at all with {{ and }} which is what I was trying to do. ]

    Capcha fail 1.

  43. Anonymous

    Please add an FAQ entry about the syntax for the Related Page link. Not being able to use wiki markup for links is frustrating. Links being converted to viewpage.action links which obscures the page name is annoying. Knowing that the workaround is to use hard coded links is useful. Knowing that external links are not opened in a new window would have been useful. Knowing that there is no way to rewrite the link text such as using wiki markup or html or something would have been useful.
    Captcha fails: 1,2

  44. Anonymous

    Currently it is not possible to export team calendars to pdf and/or word. Will this be possible in the future?

  45. Anonymous

    Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but I created a new team calendar and wish to add holidays, but when I click the day to add and event the details box only allows "who" instead of the old "what".  This forces me to select a team member only and not a holiday.  Thoughts?

  46. How can I unsubscribe from a calendar?

  47. Anonymous

    Looks like the comments here are getting less and attention, but I'll try.  How do I setup an event to have a repetition on a consistent day, NOT DATE every month.  So for example, I want to setup an event that occurs on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  I see no method of currently doing that.

    1. Anonymous

      Being able to copy events to new days, etc. would be extremely useful also.

      1. We are tracking that feature request here:  TEAMCAL-414 - Ability to add one event to multiple calendars Open

    2. We are tracking that feature request here:  TEAMCAL-347 - Add Ability for an event to occur on the Xth day of each month, week, etc... Open

  48. Question: 

    Is there a way to change the display of an event? Having the team members listed first isn't useful when you have many meetings stacked. (I have a calender set up for recurring meetings, outlook shared calenders didn't cut it)

    Can you set it to display as such:

    Meeting/event name - time - attendees


  49. Anonymous


    As I cannot find more detailed documentation (if there is any a link will be highly appreciated) I have 3 questions:

    1. I create a "Story" and set "Planned start" to 10/03/2014 and "Planned end" to 14/03/2014. My "Due date" is 15/03/2014. "Date range" is from "Planned start" to "Due date". Why the issue line does not continue from from date 10th to 15th but I have one event from 10th - 14th, and a separate event for the due date on 15th?
    2. I have an issue with "Story" type and some "Sub-tasks". On the calendar (timeline for example) I see the main issue as a separate one from the sub-tasks. I expect the main issue to be container (of some kind) for the sub-tasks
    3. I have the planned end at "14/03/2014 18:00". I see only a small chunk of 1 hour for the 14th, from 18: 00 to 19:00, The issue timeline ends at midnight on the 13th? When I click on it I cannot modify the "to" options for the 1 hour chunk of for the "Planned end". So the case is that I have 3 separate chunks - two with 1 hour period for start and end and a timeline in between that I cannot precisely edit.

    Thank you,


  50. I found the latest Team Calendar 4.2.4 on Confluence 5.5 dashboard is different: it used to be that in "Upcoming Event" it will display the event owner. Now it does not after you create an event. But when you create "Travel" type event the owner is displayed. Did I miss anything?


  51. I found the latest Team Calendar 4.2.4 on Confluence 5.5 dashboard is different: it used to be that in "Upcoming Event" it will display the event owner. Now it does not after you create an event. But when you create "Travel" type event the owner is displayed. Did I miss anything?


  52. Can a Meeting Note be created from a meeting on the Team Calendar?

  53. I notice the Calendar Name shows up as the URL in Google Calendar. Can you specify the friendly name in your .ics?

  54. How do we add a group to an event? Is this possible? When I create an event, I can only type a user name but groups are not showing up.

    1. This isn't supported today. There's an open request if you want to vote/watch it: TEAMCAL-422 - Allow groups to be associated to Events Open  

  55. I constantly get this same error message: 

    Error(s) occurred.

    • Unable to load events of LMA Timeline (5728feed-b538-4ff0-aa8c-82c926961080): Range start must be before range end

    When I look at my Console under Developer Tools (Chrome), I see there is a GET 500 (Internal Server Error).  

    I checked the dates of my calendar and I'm not seeing anything that has a conflicting start and end date.  Do you know why this is happening?

    1. Hi Ian,

      I'm afraid you'll need to contact support about this one. They'll be able to look into it for you.

  56. Is there any way to limit who can create a calendar?


    1. Hi Jenifer,

      Not at the moment, but you can raise a feature request here if you like.

  57. Importing an ICAL

    Is there any way to import an ICAL into the calendar?

    Process is

    • copy recurring meetings to a calendar in outlook
    • export the ical
    • import ical into to the Confluence Team Calendar
    1. Hi Hypogeal,

      Yes, absolutely. (smile) You need to use the Add CalendarSubscribe by URL option.

      Check out this page for the details.

  58. Hello,

    What is the purpose of the disabled module (plugin version 5.1.21):



    Experimental feature, disabled by default! The Team Calendars Event macro."


    Is there any documentation on it ? When/why it should (not) be enabled ?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. This macro adds a sign-up list to a page that allows users to RSVP, add a comment, and optionally choose some customisable parameters. You're welcome to use it, but it's unsupported (i.e. it's undocumented, there may be bugs, and generally the experience isn't ideal). There's an open feature request around RSVP'ing, so when we decide to implement this we'll likely either replace the Event macro or decide to support it.  TEAMCAL-104 - Event Calendar: Meeting Invites, Attendees/Confirmations, RSVP, Max Spots and Public Regiration Open

  59. Hi, 
    Is there any way to subscribe a group or user to a calendar? Despite the spam, it will be good to not write emails to all in the office only because you have to make them subscribing a calendar.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Velizar,

      At the moment, there's no way to force subscribe users or groups to calendars, but we've got an open issue that you can watch and comment on to show your interest in the functionality.

      TEAMCAL-124 - Ability to force subscribe users to calendars Open

  60. Hey,

    Is there any way to have calendars hidden by default for anonymous users?

    Also, is there a way to display more items in the event list macro at a time?  Instead of just 30 days of events, I want it to display a years worth.  



    Best Regards,


    1. Hi Fimman,

      Team Calendars shouldn't show for anonymous users, as far as I'm aware. You can see discussion on this point on the below issue:

      TEAMCAL-292 - Anonymous user wants to see calendars / events that are not restricted Open

      The event list macro isn't one that we support, so unfortunately I'm not sure.

      1. Well we have a Monthly Calendar macro on the homepage that has a few subscribed calendars view able on it, that both logged in and anonymous users can see.  If a logged in user hides a calendar on that macro, it saves the fact that it was hidden every time the user views the macro.  But anonymous users have all the calendars visible by default.  There's no way to make those calendars hidden by default?

        Thanks for the help!


        1. Hi Fimman,

          believe I've replicated your situation, but I don't think there's a way to achieve what you're after. If you want to talk through it in depth though, I'd recommend you contact support so they can really replicate your circumstances and try to find a solution.

  61. HI,

    please help me, i can't find from which part i can lunch the Calendar (plugin already installed).


    Thank you.

    1. Hi Saloua,

      Once you've installed the plugin, you should have a Calendars option in the Confluence header.

      If you're not seeing that, my advice is to contact support.

  62. How to access the calendar from outside program? i.e via script or web? Iw ould like  to create a customized report based on the data in the calendar. We use the calendar to schedule release dates. My report would access the confluence data and generate the report. ie Product A has release dates : X, Y, Z etc.  Thanks

    1. Hi John,

      I'm not totally sure I understand what you're after, but the below issue may be along the same lines.

      TEAMCAL-735 - Provide an API to retrieve calendar details Open

      If that's not what you're after, feel free to create an improvement suggestion.

  63. Our JIRA tasks still show up in the calendar even after they are closed. Is there a feature or function I'm missing to be able to hide tasks that are completed/ closed so there is less clutter on the calendars.

    1. Hi Misty,

      I don't think there's a way to do that, but feel free to make a suggestion so we can get the details and track the demand for that functionality.

    2. Hi Mitsy, you can do this in the actual JIRA event setup. For more details, see my comment here (basically modify the JQL to include this). 

  64. Is it possible to embed Confluence tasks that have a target date into the calendar, with notifications when the target date is nearing?

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Not at this point, unfortunately, but the team is working on getting more date-based info from Confluence in Team Calendars. There's no timeline for this at the moment, though.

      We are tracking that feature request here:  TEAMCAL-2307 - Ability to view task due dates in calendars Open  you may want to watch that to stay updated when the team makes progress.

  65. Question

    Is there a way to embed specific events (or preferably just the date) from a Team Calendar into another Atlassian page without embedding the entire Calendar? 


    Creating a Knowledge Base. Created a Team Calendar for review dates for the KBAs. Each KBA is going to have a "Review Date" on it. I'd like this to pull directly from the Team Calendar.

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      It's not possible at the moment, unfortunately, but feel free to make a suggestion so we can take a look at it.

  66. Is it possible to show the surname of the people that attend an event, instead of the first name?

    1. Hi Flynn,

      It's not a configurable option at the moment. You can make an improvement suggestion if you like, and we can see how much demand is out there for it.