Managing user requests for add-ons

If the add-on request feature is enabled in your Atlassian application, non-administrative users can access the Atlassian Marketplace directly from the application's interface.

The Find new add-ons page gives users an in-product view of the Marketplace website. Unlike accessing the Marketplace directly, the in-product view tailors the view for the Atlassian application. For example, it only shows JIRA add-ons when browsing from JIRA. This in-product view of the Marketplace gives day-to-day users of the Atlassian applications, not just administrators, an easy way to discover add-ons that can help them work.

When users find an add-on they'd like, they can submit a request to their site administrators with just a few clicks.

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How non-administrators request add-ons

The Marketplace page gives end users a limited view of the Finding new add-ons page that is available to system administrators. Instead of installing or trying add-ons from the page, however, they can only request add-ons.

Users can browse for add-ons by clicking the Atlassian Marketplace link in their profile menu. When they find an add-on they like, they can click Request next to the add-on and enter an optional message for admins.

When users submit their requests, it generates a notification for admins via email and in the UPM user interface.

Viewing user requests

  1. As a system administrator, navigate to the 'Find Add-ons' page.  
  2. From the add-on list filter, choose Most Requested.
    Requested add-ons appear at the top of the add-on list, with the most requested first.
  3. Click on the add-on to see more information about the request.
    The add-on details view shows the messages submitted by users in their requests.
  4. From there, you can buy, try or install the add-on or click Dismiss to clear the request count and remove the add-on from the requested add-ons list.

Disabling user requests

The user request feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it for your application. This removes access to the Atlassian Marketplace page for non-administrator users and removes the Most requested category filter from the Find add-ons page.

Disabling user requests does not clear existing requests for add-ons from the system. If you re-enable requests, previously submitted requests will appear.

To disable user add-on requests:

  1. As a system administrator, go to the Manage add-ons or Find new add-ons page.
  2. Click the Settings link at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Clear the Allow users to request add-ons option.
  4. Click Apply to save the change and return to the page.



Last modified on Oct 6, 2015

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