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If you're using the improved planning interface, this page is for you. If you're using live plans, head to Live plans (legacy).

Advanced Roadmaps dynamically loads your Jira issues into your plan, and suggests releases you can work with. The plan data is always up-to-date, letting you track the progress of your releases, and ultimately letting you determine if these releases will be completed on time.

(info) Note that what we refer to as "releases" in Advanced Roadmaps are referred to as "fix versions" in Jira.

The releases view shows you the list of releases that exist in your plan. In this view, you can perform the following tasks:


View the cross-project releases that exist in the plan. You can use cross-project releases to group together related releases, dates, or milestones across multiple individual projects. You can also create cross-project releases in this section.

You can view the following details:

  • The name of each cross-project release, and the project releases that encompass each cross-project release. Click on the project releases to view the releases themselves.
  • The start date and release date of each cross-project release.
  • The status (on track or off track) and progress of each cross-project release. You can hover on the progress bar, to see the number of issues grouped by status category.
    (warning) At the moment, the progress bar only includes the details of the issues that are currently visible in the plan. This means that old releases may not have accurate information.
2View the project releases that exist in the plan. You can create project releases in this section, as well as view the same details that are displayed in the cross-project releases section.

Perform more actions for a release:

  • For a project release, you can edit its details, remove it from the plan, or add it to a cross-project release.
  • For a cross-project release, you can edit its details, delete it, or align the dates of its project releases.

View a release in the roadmap of your plan, or in Jira (only for project releases).

  • In the roadmap, the issues will be filtered according to that release.
  • When viewing a project release in Jira, a new tab opens with the release displaying in the release hub of Jira.
Last modified on Aug 7, 2020

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