Using Bamboo with Clover

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Getting Started

One-click Clover Integration

Clover reports can be activated in the Builder configuration screen. Please see Automatic Clover integration or further details.

To configure Clover activity refer to Clover Reference Guides for your builder:

Classic Clover Integration

To use Clover with Bamboo, you need to:

  1. Integrate Clover with your build and ensure that HTML and XML reports are generated:
  2. Ensure that there are tests present in your build plan that generate test results in JUnit test report format.
  3. Configure where Bamboo can find Clover reports:

(info) For further details, please see Configuring tasks.

Common Problems

Q: I have managed to get Clover statistics displayed in numerical form for each build, but the graphs do not show a history of these statistics?
A: The history of Clover is displayed over time periods (e.g. a day, a week, a month), and the minimum data point is per day. The Clover coverage will not display data that is less than a day old.

Q: Will the Bamboo/Clover integration run on failed builds?
A: Before Bamboo version 1.2.1, Bamboo would only report Clover coverage for successful builds. As of Bamboo 1.2.1, Bamboo will report Clover coverage regardless of the build outcome.

Last modified on Jan 3, 2019

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