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To help customize your workflow, you can set checks to control when a pull request can be merged. Pull requests cannot be merged if the required checks have not been met. These checks are set separately on each repository in a Bitbucket Server project.

You'll need either project admin, admin or sys-admin permissions to set merge checks for pull requests.

To set checks for merging pull requests, go to a repository in a project and choose Settings > Pull requests. Bitbucket Server includes the merge checks described below, or you can write your own merge request check plugin.

Requires a minimum number of approvers

Stops a pull request from being merged until it is approved by at least the selected number of participants.

Requires all reviewers to approve the pull request

Stops a pull request from being merged until all reviewers approve a pull request. 

Requires all tasks to be resolved

Stops a pull request from being merged if any pull request tasks are still unresolved. Read more about pull request tasks.

Requires a minimum number of successful builds

Stops pull requests from being merged if they have any unsuccessful builds. For a pull request, this checks builds that run against the latest commit on the source branch.

You must also specify a minimum number of builds - the pull request will not be able to be merged until at least this many builds have completed. Ideally, you should set this to the number of different builds that are configured to run against the branches in your repository.

See the page Bamboo integration for more information about integrating Bitbucket Server with your build server.

Last modified on Feb 6, 2019

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