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An Atlassian organization provides a centralized place for managing your domains and users. Organizations are particularly helpful if your company manages more than one site and wants insight into all your sites and products and the users who can access them.

Assuming you’ve verified your domains, your organization includes a list of the accounts you manage. From there, you have other options, including the ability to edit and delete individual managed accounts. See Administer managed accounts for an organization for a full list of all you can do.

To get the full benefits of organizations, verify your domains and subscribe to Atlassian Access to set how your users authenticate with Atlassian products. For more details about how organizations work, see Get more security and control across your organization.

You can’t currently delete organizations. However, as an organization admin you can remove all verified domains, which will remove all managed accounts from the organization.

Create an organization

You must be a site admin to create an organization. Your organization name does not have to be unique and you can rename it at any time.

To create an organization:

  1. From your Site administration, click Security under Organizations & Security.
  2. Click Try Atlassian Access. This link takes you to
  3. Choose Create organization, and then enter a name for your new organization.

As the creator of an organization, you’re the first organization admin, and you can add others as organization admins. See Give users admin permissions for more details about what organization admins can do and how to add them.

Log in to an organization

Once you’ve got an organization, you can log in at If you have more than one organization, you can choose from a list of the organizations you administer.

Rename an organization

Renaming an organization has no impact on users or any security policies.

To rename an organization:

  1. From the Overview page, click the edit (pencil) icon.

  2. Update the name and click Rename.

What's next?

Verify one or more domains for your organization to prove you own those domains. Once you verify a domain, all the Atlassian accounts that use email addresses from that domain become managed accounts of the organization. Learn more about verifying a domain for your organization.

You can then subscribe to Atlassian Access to apply security and authentication policies over all those managed accounts. Your users with those accounts will be subject to the policies you've set, no matter which Atlassian products they log in to.

Atlassian Access gives you one place to manage and enforce the security and compliance policies required to run your mission-critical Atlassian Cloud products. Learn more about Atlassian Access.

Last modified on Jan 17, 2019

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