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To give you more visibility and control across your Atlassian Cloud sites we've introduced organizations. An organization provides a centralized way to manage your domains and users.

Once you create an organization and verify your domains, all the Atlassian accounts with email addresses from those domains become managed by your organization.

You can then subscribe to Atlassian Access to apply security policies over all those managed accounts. Your users with those accounts will be subject to the policies you've set, no matter which Atlassian Cloud products they log in to. You can give access to users with Atlassian accounts from domains that you don't own, but those users won't be subject to the Atlassian Access policies you've set.

Read how to subscribe to Atlassian Access

Create an organization

If you're a site administrator you can create an Atlassian Cloud organization to manage your user accounts and how your users authenticate with Atlassian products across all of your cloud sites. 

To create an organization:

  1. Go to the Administration area of your site. 
  2. Click Organization, under 'Organizations & Security'.
  3. Name your new organization and click create. We make you the first organization admin, and you can add others as organization admins. Your organization name does not have to be unique and you can rename it at any time.

Now you can:

  • Verify your ownership of one or more domains, so that you can manage the Atlassian accounts that use email addresses from those domains. See below for details.
  • Subscribe to Atlassian Access if you wish to set security policies on those managed accounts. See below for details.

Add other organization admins

As an organization admin, you can add other people as organization admins to help manage your organization.

All organization admins can:

  • Add or remove domains.
  • Add or remove organization admins.
  • Perform any of the actions listed in Managed accounts.
  • Subscribe to Atlassian Access and apply security policies on all managed accounts.
  • Be added to existing organizations.

To add someone as an organization admin:

  1. Log in to and choose your organization.
  2. Choose Administrators on the left, then Add administrators.

Rename an organization

As an organization admin, you can rename an organization.

  1. Log in to and choose your organization.
  2. Choose Overview, and click the 'edit' (pencil) icon. 

Renaming an organization has no impact on users or any security policies.

Delete an organization

Organizations cannot currently be deleted. Instead, you have these options:

  • Remove all verified domains, which will remove all managed accounts from the organization.
  • Contact support to delete the organization. Once the organization is deleted, its added sites are also deleted, canceling the site's subscription.

Verify a domain

Domain verification is the process of proving that you own a particular domain. You can verify one or more domains for your organization. 

When you verify a domain, all the Atlassian accounts that use email addresses from the verified domain become managed by your organization. 

You must verify at least one domain in order to manage user accounts, or to apply Atlassian Access security policies on your those accounts. 

See Domain verification for how to verify a domain. 

Managed accounts

Once you verify a domain, all the Atlassian accounts that use email addresses from that domain become managed accounts of your organization. 

To view all the managed accounts for your organization:

  1. Log in to and choose your organization.
  2. Now choose Managed accounts. 

As an organization admin, you can perform the following operations on your managed accounts:

  • Change the account name and job title.
  • Change the account's email address. Note that changing the email domain of a user's email address will remove them from the organization, and any Atlassian Access security policies will stop being applied.
  • Temporarily exclude an account from two-step verification. You may wish to do this, for example, if the user is unable to log in because they've lost their phone.
  • Require a password reset for a particular user, or for all users.
  • Disable the account, so the user can no longer log in to their account. Note that disabling a user's Atlassian account will also prevent the user from using that account to raise technical support tickets, and accessing their account,,, and other free services.

To make changes to a managed account:

  1. Log in to and choose your organization.
  2. Choose Managed accounts.
  3. Find the account you want to change, and click Edit account.
    1. Edit the NameEmail address or Job title directly.
    2. Choose from the Options menu to exclude the account from two-step verification, require a password reset, or disable the account. 
  4. Save your changes when you're done.

Note that your managed users lose the ability to change their email address. If you subscribe to Atlassian Access and configure SAML single sign-on for your managed users, those users also lose the ability to change the full name of their Atlassian accounts.

Read more about Atlassian accounts

Security with Atlassian Access

Atlassian Access gives you one place to manage and enforce the security and compliance policies required to run your mission-critical Atlassian Cloud products.

Atlassian Access allows you to apply:

  • SAML single sign-on provides easy and secure access for employees by integrating your Atlassian Cloud products directly with top identity providers including Microsoft Azure, OneLogin, Okta, and Centrify.
  • Enforced two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to employees' accounts by requiring a second verification step when they authenticate. When two-step verification is enforced, all organization admins of that organization will be notified of the change by email.
  • Password policies ensure that your employees are using best practices for passwords, and enforce strength requirements, expiry dates and more.
  • Priority Support is bundled with Atlassian Access and provides one-hour response times 24/7 for critical issues and 24-hour response times for all other issues.

You can subscribe to Atlassian Access once you have created an organization and verified one or more domains, as described above.

Learn more about Atlassian Access.

Last modified on Oct 16, 2018

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