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An Atlassian organization provides a central place for managing your users and products. From an organization, you can update and delete employee accounts, apply authentication policies, and find product settings.

You’ll find all you need from the tabs in the top navigation, which we’ll explore one at a time.

Find your organization

To find your organization, go to admin.atlassian.com. You’ll land on the Overview. Here’s where you get full visibility into the products used at your company.

Manage your organization’s users

The Directory is where you manage your users' product access, their employee accounts, and your Groups. If your settings allow it, any user with an Atlassian account can get access to your organization’s products. To get control of user accounts, verify ownership of your company's domains. When you do, they become managed accounts and you can edit their details and control how they log in.

Manage your company’s products

Every product has its own set of administration settings that product admins manage. The Products tab is where you find product-specific settings that you manage from your organization. For example, you can change which groups are the default access groups for products, control how users receive product updates, and experiment with or test changes in a sandbox (with a Premium or Enterprise plan).

Keep your organization and products secure

The Security tab is where you manage all your security, compliance, and authentication settings. Authentication policies specify how you want your users to securely log in to your products, and product-specific settings allow you to restrict access to users from certain IP addresses. Gain insight into activities across your organization with the audit log and charts about product and security adoption.

Manage your company’s bills

Your organization most likely has multiple bills. For each separate site with products, you have a separate bill for those products. You also have a separate bill if you subscribe to Atlassian Access.

Manage settings for your organization

The Settings tab is where you find settings specific to your organization. Only organization admins can update these settings.

Last modified on Feb 2, 2022

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