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Database Encoding Configuration

Check out our Configuring Database Character Encoding page.

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Known Issues for Supported Databases

Known Issues for PostgreSQL
Known Issues For Oracle
Known issues for MySQL
Known Issues For SQL Server
Known Issues for DB2

For a list of supported databases versions, please refer to our Supported Platforms page.

Open JIRA Features and Bug Reports

T Key Summary P Status
New Feature CONF-35262 Add Oracle 12 support Open
Improvement CONF-28487 Implement primary keys on hibernate_unique_key and cwd_application_address to facilitate transactional replication on SQL Server Open
Improvement CONF-27211 Confluence Should Check to See That Database Has the Correct Case Sensitivity Set. Open
New Feature CONF-26834 Support for Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver Open
Improvement CONF-25188 Identify the health state of Confluence ancestor CONFANCESTORS table and rebuild it automatically Open
Bug CONF-35576 Upgrade back fails in Oracle due to column type 'DATE' Major Open
Bug CONF-16816 A large number of entries that need to flushed in the index can cause OutOfMemory errors Major Open
Bug CONF-13817 HibernateConfluenceBandanaRecordDao's saveOrUpdate can consume all database connections Major Open
Improvement CONF-7905 Enable removal of trashed pages at certain point Open
Bug CONF-7540 Occasional failures related to referral links. Major Open
Improvement CONF-18085 Need an integrity checker to check all required database tables exist after an upgrade Open
Bug CONF-24113 Some upgrade tasks ignore "hibernate.default_schema" or "schema-name" Major Open
Bug CONF-7703 Confluence freezes on shutdown with IllegalStateException causing End Program Prompt on Windows Major Open
Bug CONF-26079 Spurious warning when dropping CONTENTLOCK fails Major Open
Improvement CONF-6729 primaryGroupId not visible to Confluence when integrated with AD LDAP Open
Bug CONF-28706 Foreign Keys Constraints created without accompanying index Major Open
Bug CONF-35465 AbstractJob should take care of transaction management as suggested by it's documentation Major Open
Bug CONF-14120 Hibernates UpdateTimestampsCache doesn't handle concurrent writes Major Open
New Feature CONF-13462 Admin configuration for database query/transaction timeouts Open
Bug CONF-36484 hibernate.c3p0.preferredTestQuery is ignored in confluence.cfg.xml Major Open
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Page: 'Connection readOnly mode is not enforceable after the connection has been established' Error Messages Page: 'this operation breaks' Warning Messages Page: Can't start or upgrade Confluence due to an error with MS SQL Server database collation Page: Cannot Remove or Edit Properties of an Attachment with Umlaut Characters Page: Cannot Restore from XML Backup when Confluence is Backed by MySQL Page: Changing Content Directly via SQL Page: Clicking on Notifications Generates a System Error Page: Collation Conflict During Page Creation When Using MS SQL Server Database Page: Comments and Likes Fail with Internal Server Error Page: Confluence Crashes with a Closed Connection Error Page: Confluence Fails with ORA-01555 Error Page: Confluence Logs Full of "Can't find file" Errors When Using MySQL Page: Confluence PostgreSQL JDBC Direct Connection Refused Page: Confluence Startup Failed or Scheduled Job Failed Due to ORA-28001 Page: Confluence throws an 'Invalid object name BANDANA' error Page: Confluence upgrade fails with ORA-01408 error Page: Confluence Upgrade Fails with ORA-02298 Parent Keys Not Found Page: Connecting to MS SQL Database Fails Due to 'Unable to get information from SQL Server' Error Page: Connection to Confluence Database is lost with error blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts' Page: Database Schema Warnings Related to 'mismatched definitions' Appear in the Log Page: Handling Oracle Database Connection Pool "Closed Connection" Errors Page: How Do I Fix a Broken Confluence Database after a Failed Upgrade Attempt to Confluence 5.2 and above Page: Import Fails Due to Duplicate Entry Error Page: Known Issues for DB2 Page: Known Issues for HSQLDB Page: Known issues for MySQL Page: Known Issues For Oracle Page: Known Issues for PostgreSQL Page: Known Issues For SQL Server Page: MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Row size too large Page: Notification E-mails Are Not Being Sent for Watched Content Page: PostgreSQL Database Optimization Page: Repairing a Damaged Microsoft SQL Server Database Page: The Database Constraint Checker Page: Unable to Add Comment due to SQL Server Error (AONOTIFICATION table) Page: Unable to delete a space due to foreign key constraints Page: Unable to Edit or Add Page Due to Lack of Space In Database Server Page: Unable to Import Space due to Primary Key Constraint Page: Unable to Log In to Confluence Page: Unable to Save Page Edits Using Oracle DB (ORA-01691: unable to extend lob segment) Page: Unable to Setup an External Database During Installation Page: Universal Plugin Manager is Not Available Due to MariaDB Page: Upgrade Fails due to Foreign Key Constraint Violation on Local Members Table Page: Upgrade Fails with User_Mapping Constraint Error Page: Upgrade to Confluence 4 Fails on Bandana_Unique_Key Relation Page: User cannot modify their profile info or picture Page: Users cannot log in due to length of active column