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Createmeta REST endpoint is commonly used when Atlassian products are integrated to create issues in Jira from Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, Confluence Server, Confluence Cloud, Fisheye/Crucible, or Jira Mobile App. It might also be used by 3rd party apps.  

However calling  /jira/rest/api/2/issue/createmeta has been reported to cause issues especially on larger instances. These have involved the size of the response or Jira running out of memory. See  JRASERVER-42282 - Getting issue details... STATUS

That is why we decided to remove this endpoint in Jira 9.0. Until then you can disable it and replace it with the other calls we've created and made available in Jira 8.4 to remedy the issue. 

In the time when the createmeta endpoint is disabled and you haven't updated the settings for the integrated app to use the new calls, the integrated apps will not be able to create issues in Jira. That is why, we advise that you plan the change in the time frame when such situation will be least inconvenient. 


To mitigate the issues caused by the createmeta REST endpoint:

  1. Disable calls to  createmeta REST api in your environment. To do that, enable the   com.atlassian.jira.issue.dark.feature.createmeta.disable dark feature. See Enable Jira dark features

  2. Modify the calls the integrations use to the following:

    Return a list of projects

    Return a list of issue types given a project

    Return a list of fields given a project and an issue type
  3. If you use a 3rd party integrations that makes calls to the createmeta endpoint, contact the plugin vendor about integrating the new endpoints.

    If you've migrated and still want your JIRA to run faster, you can also: 
    1. delete all unused CustomFields and/or CustomFields values
    2. remove CustomFields from the screens which do not require them.

    To see the examples of calls you can use, see Creating an issue: examples.

Last modified on Sep 3, 2020

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