Using the themes report

Themes are high-level strategic focus areas, value streams or investment categories used to set priorities and define where teams will devote most of their time. 

  • Themes are concepts used to label and tag backlog elements and are not time-oriented.
  • Themes are focused on relative resource allocation and allow you to compare how many resources you are spending on one theme versus another.
  • A story can only be assigned to one theme, so if the stories within an epic are assigned to multiple themes, the epic is implicitly assigned to multiple themes.

How to create and delete a theme

  1. Go to Portfolio > Reports > Switch report > Themes.
  2. Click +Add theme, name it and add a color.

    ColorUsed to differentiate different themes at a glance.

    Is the target value that you define in each theme and is used to compare estimates and actuals. Target allocation percentages will always add up to 100%. The easiest way to ensure this is to leave at least one entry blank, the value is then automatically calculated based on 100% minus the other defined target values.

    EstimateSums up all backlog items labeled by theme and calculates the percentage relative to all backlog item estimates.
    ActualThe actual percentage is the portion of currently scheduled work that has that theme assign to it.

    Now that the target is settled, you have to assign themes to the issues in your Scope.

  3. Hover over the right side of the theme row and click  to delete.

How to categorize items by theme

  1. Go to the Scope view, select the Themes column and assign a theme to each issue.
    • When assigning a theme to an epic or initiative with child elements, the theme is implicitly assigned to all child items.
    • If the child items of an epic or initiative have different themes, the parent item displays all different assigned themes, with only a color indicator.
  2. Click Calculate to reflect the changes in the reports.

  3. Once you've assigned the themes to the issues go back to Reports > Switch report Theme.
Last modified on Jan 30, 2018

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