Displaying issue details

You can customize the issue details displayed in your plan. These details include:

  • Issue details pulled from Jira (for example, assignees, sprints, and more)
  • Custom fields in Advanced Roadmaps (for example, target start dates and target end dates)
  • Custom fields configured in Jira (for example, single-line text fields)

Adding, removing, and re-ordering columns

Some issue details are displayed by default, depending on how you’ve set up your plan. However, these issue details can be customized to provide meaningful information to your stakeholders.

If you’d like to add more issue details to your plan, use the Fields menu to add the relevant fields. These fields will be displayed as columns, containing issue details pulled from Jira.

To add a column:

  1. Click Fields to show the dropdown menu.
  2. Click Choose fields… to select what you’d like to display in your plan. You can also start typing to find a specific field.
  3. Once selected, click the field or press Enter to add it to your plan.

The fields listed in this menu correspond to the fields currently visible on your plan. From here, you can remove a field, or drag and drop fields to change the order they’re displayed in.

If you’ve used any custom fields, these will be clearly marked as ‘custom’ in the menu.

Resizing columns

Depending on the type and number of issue details you've included in your plan, you might want to resize columns so that details are displayed in a balanced and cohesive way.

To resize a column, hover over the left or right edge of the column, then click and drag to resize.

  • To collapse and expand a single column, click the column's header.
  • To collapse all fields, click the collapse icon.

Setting a value or option

While planning work, you can set a value or option in the corresponding columns of a plan.

  1. Click the cell of the relevant column.
  2. Specify the value or option for it.

The values for the columns in your plan may depend on what's configured in your Jira instance. For example, your priority options will depend on the configuration of priority schemes in Jira.

There may be times when the options for a custom field (for example, checkbox fields or multiple-choice select fields) will not load in your plan. This happens if you're trying to choose an option for an issue that you have not saved in Jira Software just yet. You'll need to save the issue to Jira Software first, to make the options load in your plan.

Last modified on Feb 1, 2021

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