Grouping issues

You can group issues into separate swimlanes. This helps you quickly see the buckets of work in their allocated swimlanes.Sample plan, with issues grouped by assignee

The following grouping options are available:

Creating issues

When you group issues, you won't be able to create an issue from the top of the scope section. You'll need to create new issues directly from the corresponding groups.

In the example below, the issues are grouped by assignee.In the swimlane for the assignee Cassie Owens, you can choose to create a child issue or a sibling issue (issue of the same hierarchy level). After choosing, you can then proceed to create the issue with the necessary details.

  • Since you created this issue in the Cassie Owens assignee group, the assignee of the new issue will automatically be Cassie Owens. The same applies when you're creating issues that are grouped by teams and projects.
  • If you're creating a child issue, you may need to expand its parent issue to view the newly created child issue.
Last modified on Feb 1, 2021

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