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This page contains information about translating Jira into languages other than English.

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Atlassian Translations – a collaborative environment for creating translations of Jira

The Atlassian Translations site provides a collaborative environment for customers to translate Jira (see these instructions for more information). At present, there are thousands of accepted translations across a number of languages, and you can update them under the following conditions:

  • Translations for languages that are bundled with Jira have already been approved. Any new changes will not be reflected in the official language pack. If you want to make some changes, you can still do that, and download the language pack to use in your own Jira instance.

  • Translations for all other languages are still open and can be improved. We provide translations for a number of languages, and we need your help to make them even better!

If you are looking at updating or creating a language pack please use Atlassian Translations and tell us about your experience. You can log in with your My Atlassian account. To provide feedback or submit an existing language pack for import please contact The Internationalization Team.

There is also a plugin currently in Beta release that allows you to translate most Jira items on the fly: InProduct Translations.

What translations of Jira are currently available?

Currently, Jira ships with a number of translations in the most commonly-requested languages. You can easily update these via the Universal Plugin Manager — please see Managing add-ons.

As a Jira administrator, you can choose the default language from the list of installed languages: see Choosing a default language for the latest list.

Individual users can also choose their preferred language from the same list in their user profile.

What about translations of the documentation?

We do not currently offer translations of the Jira documentation into other languages.

Last modified on May 29, 2018

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