Create customers and add Jira Service Desk requests

Time for some Jira Service Desk love! In the latest release of Automation for Jira we’ve now added 2 new actions:

  • Add Service Desk Customer
  • Create Service Desk Request

Adding customers

With the new ‘Add Service Desk customer’ action, creating customers automatically (even using smart-values) is a breeze:

All you need to define is the customer’s e-mail and you can also optionally set their name and organization. We’ll let you know in the audit log if the customer already exists and the rule will simply continue to execute.

Creating service desk requests

Adding customers is just one piece of this story. You probably also want to raise support requests on behalf of these people! The new ‘Create Service Desk request’ action makes this just as easy:

Simply pick your Service Desk and request type and fill in all fields as you see fit using the same form builder we already have for create/edit and transition issue! There’s also a new ‘Raise this request on behalf of’ field to allow you to set a different reporter (like the customer we just created!) for this Service Desk request. Careful though — this requires that the rule actor (the Automation for Jira add-on user) is a Service Desk Agent!

Please read our Automation of the week: Collecting customer feedback made easy blog for a real world example of how you can use these actions to save yourself a ton of time!

Last modified on Jun 24, 2020

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