Else / If has shipped

By far the most popular feature request has been the new if / else block component. Until last week, automation rules had been linear. So when a condition didn’t match — the execution rule stopped. There was a workaround but frankly, it was a pain.

Where is this new block?

You will see the if / else block under ‘conditions’. Essentially, it allows for alternate actions to be executed based on the failure of previous conditions.

Explain further please

It will open up new use cases, including conditionally branching to perform actions on related issues (subtasks, stories etc).

Sample use cases:

  • Conditionally assign to a user, or list of users based on the value of a particular issue field.
  • Perform different actions based on whether a comment was internal or public
  • Send a slack message, email or add a comment with contextualised messages depending on the priority of an issue (pictured).
  • Add a friendly (or passive aggressive) comment based on the time of day, “Good morning” or “Where have you been all day?” etc.
  • The list goes on…

How can I make my own rule?

To get started, select the if else block component under conditions, add your conditions and click save. Now you can use the “add else” button in the sidebar to add an alternate execution branch. Use the screenshot above as a starting point.

Is this feature available for all customers?

Unfortunately this feature is only available in our pro offering so won’t show for our server lite customers.

Last modified on Jun 24, 2020

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