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Application access settings let you control which people have access to which products. If your site only has one product – if you have a Confluence-only or Jira-only instance, for example – users are automatically granted access to that product when they sign up.

To manage product access for your users:

  1. Go to  Site administration.
  2. Choose Product access on the left.

Set up default access

For multi-product sites—if you have Jira Software and Confluence, for example—you can set up default access for new users added to your site.

To set default access:

  1. Choose User defaults at the top-right of the page.
  2. Check or uncheck the product you want to grant or deny default access to.
  3. Choose Set defaults.

Whenever you add a new user, they'll be granted access to any products you checked in step 2.

Jira Service Desk agents are granted access to Jira only, by default, even if the default product access setting has more products selected. You can grant them access to the other products on the Application Access page.

  1. Default access: Choose the products new users have access to by default.
  2. Site homepage: Choose which product your users land on when they log in.

Grant product access

When people in your team need access to products that weren't granted to them by default, it's a quick and easy process to grant them the access they need.

To grant access to an product:

  1. Choose Grant access at the top-right of the page.
  2. Ensure the products you want to grant access to are checked (uncheck any you don't want to grant access to).
  3. Do either of the following:
    • Add the name(s) of anyone you're granting product access to.
    • Choose a user group – either: All active usersAll Jira Software usersAll Jira Core users, or All Confluence users.
  4. Choose Grant access.

Using any of the product groups, like All Jira Core users, allows you to quickly grant all Jira Core users access to another product like Confluence. This is a great time-saver if you've just added another product to your site, and need to grant everyone access.

Access for Jira Service Desk customers

Jira Service Desk customers are the users that do not consume any licenses. Because they're not licensed users, the following functionalities behave differently for them than for paid users:

  • You can't give Jira Service Desk customers access to any product, and they aren't granted access to any either, regardless of your settings for the default product access.
  • Jira Service Desk customers don't appear in the search results when you search for users on the Product access page. 
  • You can't mention Jira Service Desk customers in Jira or Confluence.

For more information about Jira Service Desk customers, see Setting up service desk users.

Anonymous access

If you want to allow anonymous users (people who have not logged in) access to your products, set access permissions in each product. Anonymous users don't count towards your license.


  • If you've exceeded your license count, new users won't be able to sign up (and therefore won't be able to access the default products). To increase your number of licenses, contact our Customer Advocate team to upgrade your user tier.
  • When you give users access to a product, they're automatically added to a default group that gives them permission to access the product. But if you've modified the permissions for these default groups, and you find that users can't access products even when their product access is set correctly, make sure they belong to a group that also gives them permission to use the product.
Last modified on Nov 16, 2018

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