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Page: Subversion Scan Fails when SVNKit Encounters A Deleted Revision Page: Subversion Scan Fails Due to Invalid XML Page: Cannot Access SVN Repository Over SSH Due to Error - svn authentication cancelled Page: Cannot Delete a Repository Page: Errors When Trying to Add or Index a Repository - non-existent in revision Page: SVN Repository Stops Indexing With Error "Only one usage of each socket address" Page: Changeset Missing Authors Page: Native Subversion Client Fails due to NoSuchMethodError Page: Login Fails After Updating Subversion Credentials Page: Getting NullPointerException While Testing for A New Repository Configuration Page: Fisheye Has Completed Indexing The Subversion Repository but Only Shows One Changeset Page: SVN Integration Stops Working Interrupting SVN operation thread Page: Initial Scan of Repository, Fails Due to Incorrect SVN Username and Password Page: Can't Index Subversion Repository Due to Error, 'Server SSL ceritificate for SVN_URL cannot be saved' Page: Repository Scan Fails due to Incorrect SVN Path Page: Attempting to Insert a Revision which Already Exists Page: SVN operations taking longer than an hour time out Page: Indexing fails with No buffer space available (maximum connections reached?) Page: Problem getting diff information for revXXXX: Unexpected line in overall diff Page: SVN Index Ignoring Changeset as It Does Not Contain Any File Revisions In The Watched Area Page: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Page: Problem processing revisions from repo <REPOSITORY> due to class com.cenqua.fisheye.rep.DbException - Problem getting diff information for revXXXX Page: Native Client not being loaded due to incorrect library versions Page: FishEye/Crucible repository index is corrupted Page: svn: Processing REPORT request response failed: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity Page: SVN Initial Indexing Fails Reporting connection refused by the server Page: SVN Initial Indexing Fails with 'Unexpected line in overall diff' Page: SVN Repository Indexing Stopped Due to java.lang.NullPointerException Page: SVN Incremental Indexing ERROR - StackOverflowError Page: Analyzing Subversion Connectivity Issues With JSVN Page: svn: E175002: Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac Page: SVN Repository Connection Fails Due to 'You must call Structure.setFieldOrder()' Page: Unable to get info for the repository root Page: Attempting to insert a revision which already exists error with path '../' Page: SVN indexing fails due to ClassCastException Page: SVN repository indexing fails if using JavaHL after upgrading to 3.0.1 Page: SVN indexing fails due to NonWritableChannelException Page: SVN is requesting password too often for realm - rejected Basic challenge Page: SVN login fails after moving FishEye to another machine Page: SVN repository does not startup Page: FishEye indexing fails throwing IllegalArgumentException: null source due to unsupported SVN version Page: The system cannot find the path specified when testing JSVN Page: Troubleshooting SVN Indexing Related Issues in Fisheye/Crucible