Installing Atlassian Data Center

This guide provides information about installing new Data Center applications and moving existing Server applications to Data Center.

Before you begin

Review the following articles for guidance on configuring Data Center:

Installing a new Data Center application

When you are ready to install a new Atlassian Data Center application, the following guides provide comprehensive instructions on how to do that. 

Quickly installing on a public cloud platform

Many of our customers deploy their Data Center applications quickly, safely, and correctly by doing it on public cloud platforms.  The following deployment resources should help you do the same on AWS or Azure. These resources help you deploy Data Center applications with many of our recommendations already pre-configured.

AWS Quick Starts

These resources (published and hosted on AWS Quick Starts) use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy Atlassian Data Center applications on AWS, following AWS best practices.

Azure Marketplace

These resources (published and hosted on Azure Marketplace) use Microsoft Azure Resource Manager templates to deploy Atlassian Data Center applications on Azure. 

Highly customized deployments on public cloud platforms

You can also directly customize the templates used by our AWS Quick Starts or Azure Marketplace Templates. This will allow you to deploy a Data Center deployment that's more suited to your organization's need. Clone either of the following Bitbucket repositories (published and supported by Atlassian) to get started:

Moving your existing Server application to Data Center

If you're currently running a Server application and want to move to Data Center, see Moving from Server to Data Center.

Consolidating instances

If you're planning to consolidate multiple individual instances into a single Data Center deployment, see our overview of Atlassian Data Center instance consolidation.

Last modified on Feb 25, 2020

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