Set up Insight Discovery

To run and set up Insight Discovery:

  1. Extract the Discovery Package on your System that will run the tool. 
  2. Start a Command-Prompt and move to the extracted Discovery-Folder.
  3. Run the Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges. 

    This will be required to write into the destination folder if you choose "C:\Program File" or it will be needed to install the Discovery-Tool as a Service.

Start parameters

First you can display the available commands with "Discovery -?"



Without a start up parameter the Discovery-Tool will start a scan with all stored settings.
Discovery.exe -s
Open the Discovery-Tool settings.
Discovery.exe -r <ScanSettingID>
Run one configured settings.
Discovery.exe -r <ScanSettingID>;<ScanSettingID>...
Run multiple settings, semicolon separated
Discovery.exe -rs <IP-Address>
Run a manual scan against a single address.
Discovery.exe -stsc
Check and run reached scheduled Scan-Settings
Discovery.exe -stad
Starts collecting data from available Discovery-Agents
Discovery.exe -v
Shows the Versions-Number of the Discovery-Tool
Discovery.exe -l
Start a scan of the Local System, this will use the Credentials of the logged on user
Discovery.exe -i
*Installing the Discovery-Tool as a Service
Discovery.exe -u 
*Uninstalling the Discovery-Tool Service
Discovery.exe -lu <Key>
Update the Discovery License via CLI
Discovery.exe -resetpassword
Reset your password when you forgot it. (Important: Your encrypted credential-store will be deleted!)
Discovery.exe -z
Start package result data (if required) and transport them with the configured settings

*Only available by using the Discovery-Tool on a Windows Environment.

Configure scan settings

Run "Discovery -s" to configure the Discovery-Tool Settings. Once you do, you will see scan settings divided into tabs. Check the following pages for details:

Last modified on Sep 8, 2021

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