Map an issue assignee to a team member

You can define up to which hierarchy level Portfolio tries to match the assignee of an issue to the corresponding person in the team member column. This option allows you to set the level at which issue assignees in your Jira application are the people that will actually work on the issues. Note that the Jira issue assignee is a distinct concept from Portfolio's team member assignments.

Example: You might have the Product Manager assigned to an Epic and the individual developers assigned to Stories within the Epic. The Product Manager is not the person who is going to work on the implementation so we can set the assignee import level to Story. Portfolio will take the story assignees into account but not the epic assignees.

In order for the Jira issue assignee to show in Portfolio's team member column, these conditions must apply:

  • There is not member set in Portfolio.
  • The assignee is set on the issue in Jira Software.
  •  The assignee is part of a team in your Portfolio plan.
  • If you've made a manual team assignment, make sure the assignee is part of that team.
  • To see the assignee that is being pulled from Jira Software, you have to Calculate your plan.
  • The issue assignee import level must be set to a hierarchy level. See Configuring initiatives and other hierarchy levels.

Follow these steps to define the issue assignee import level:

  1. Go to your plan > click  next to the plan name, and go to Scheduling options.
  2. Set the Issue assignee import level.

How to set an assignee as a team member

This option allows you to manually set an issue assignee in Portfolio and update the Jira issue once you commit the change.

  1. Go to your plan > click  located next to the plan name > Configure > Commit of changes.
  2. If you want to be able to commit your Portfolio issues assignees into Jira, select On.
  3. If you select Off, whenever you change an issue assignee in Portfolio, it won't affect the Jira assignee even if you commit.
Last modified on Sep 8, 2019

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