2.10.X release notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.10.X release. 

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug UPM-3652 Build dates for plugins (GH/BF/TC only) are not properly calculated by UPM when using legacy plugin storage mechanisms Critical Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3598 JIRA 6 admin header flickers upon pageload because of admin notifications Major Resolved Fixed
Improvement UPM-3592 Only check for updates for remotable plugins (not P2 plugins) when OD Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3587 Write migrations for any data already stored Major Resolved Fixed
Task UPM-3585 Add testgroup for Confluence 5.1 Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3583 Unable to update plugins from UPM 2.9.3 Major Resolved Cannot Reproduce
Bug UPM-3581 Bring back notifications in Stash 2.2.0 Blocker Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3538 All user-related storage needs to be userkey-based Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3537 Switch all UserManager references to use new compatibility library Major Resolved Fixed
Sub-task UPM-3536 Create compatibility library (outside of UPM) to be compatible with new and old SAL user APIs Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3532 Updatable addons shows Download button instead of Update in addon details section Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3517 Remove lozenge and primary action button from plugins that expired more than 7 days ago Minor Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3515 Links can still be clicked after plugin is uninstalled Minor Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3513 Action message shows "Your trial is expiring on undefined" Major Resolved Invalid
Improvement UPM-3508 "Start developing" button should open in a new tab instead of a new window Trivial Resolved Invalid
Bug UPM-3498 Cannot install plugin if configure.url param has newline character Minor Resolved Fixed
Improvement UPM-3493 Search/filter does not keep my search term when I select a different category type Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3486 Product versions not following semantic versioning rules will break UPM Major Resolved Fixed
Bug UPM-3482 Fix broken UI test in SafeModeEnteredTest Major Resolved Fixed
Improvement UPM-3481 Add lozenges to stopped trial & unsubscribed add-ons and de-prioritize them Major Resolved Fixed
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Last modified on May 13, 2014

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