2.16.X release notes

What's new in UPM version 2.16

This release includes bug fixes, improvements, even a new feature. We're pleased to announce a way to help identify and disable incompatible add-ons in downloaded Atlassian products. We've also improved the subscription flow in UPM for OnDemand (cloud-hosted) products.

UPM in OnDemand and download versions

  • Atlassian Verified add-ons in the UPM
    Paid-via-Atlassian add-ons by Verified vendors are differentiated with the Verified badge. The Verified program vets vendors who have proven traction, support, and reliability in the MarketplaceLearn more about Verified here
    Verified statuses

UPM in download product versions

  • Easily identify and manage incompatible add-ons
    Now UPM notifies you when it detects that an add-on is incompatible. In most cases, incompatible add-ons continue to work as usual. However, in some cases add-ons stop working or even degrade Atlassian product performance. 

    To make managing these add-ons straightforward, UPM displays a banner and lozenge when it detects incompatible add-ons. From here you can disable all incompatible add-ons. You can also address incompatible add-ons individually, demarcated by INCOMPATIBLE lozenges. For more details on this feature, read more here.

UPM in OnDemand products

  • Faster, easier subscriptions without ever leaving your product
    Previous versions of UPM required several clicks and screens to subscribe to a new add-on. Before 2.16, clicking Free trial in OnDemand routed you out of your product and into MyAtlassian to manage licenses. Now, we handle all that work behind the scenes. 

This release also includes the following fixes and issues:  

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Last modified on May 13, 2014

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