2.12.X release notes

The following table lists the JIRA issues resolved for the 2.12.X release. 

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Improvement UPM-3954 Use a named thread factory in UpmSchedulerImpl Minor Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3940 Adding Free Trail of Plugins Hangs After Atlassian ID Login Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3937 Get duplicate key exception when installing latest GreenHopper via UPM Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3905 The pluginCompatibilityCache uses over 9MB of memory, and is greedily loaded Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3903 Cannot update system plugins from UPM Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3885 UPM Freeze - not possible to install plugin for both BTF and OnDemand Blocker Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3879 Compatibility SPI (BF/TC/GH-only) only checks for PluginLicenseManager upon plugin startup Critical Closed Fixed
Task UPM-3861 Bump Confluence bundled UPM version to 2.12.1 Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3854 Unfriendly MPAC timeout message is back Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3829 Wired tests are not running Major Closed Fixed
Improvement UPM-3824 Show EULA link, if any, in plugin details Major Closed Fixed
Improvement UPM-3821 The UPM plugin should set the Accept header to "application/xml" when fetching a Atlassian Connect add-on descriptor Minor Closed Fixed
Improvement UPM-3820 Allow installing Atlassian Connect add-ons when the application is run using the Plugins SDK without specifying OnDemand property Major Closed Fixed
Improvement UPM-3774 Make compatible with Spring 3 and Gemini Blueprint Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3745 UPM chucks a wobbly if not all modules come up Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3731 Display bug in "purchased addons" page Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3726 Flappers in UpmMailHeaderGeneratorTest in Bamboo Major Closed Fixed
Task UPM-3722 Please add license info to pom Critical Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3635 Release Notes URL defaults to appending "#versions" to the version's alternate link Major Closed Fixed
Bug UPM-3356 Audit log configuration button is not ADGified Major Closed Fixed
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Last modified on May 13, 2014

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